• Brocato Vibrastrait Hair Straightener Review
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    Brocato Vibrastrait Hair Straightener Review

    Brocato Vibrastrait Hair Straightener Review Ladies…….who’s ready for a silky hair revolution!? I am dying to tell you about the most fabulous hair straightener I have EVER used in the past 8 years. I am Really Into the Brocato Vibrastrait, a silk-plated, vibrating hair straightener. My teenage cousin first introduced it to me when styling my hair. I bought one at Ulta the very next day. I’m telling you….it has transformed my hair! Good Vibrations The purpose of the vibrating plates is to help separate the hairs, making it easier and more effective at straightening. With my thick hair, this feature makes the entire hair-straightening process faster. I no longer…

  • Death by Chocolate Recipe Pinterest Really Into This
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    Death by Chocolate

    Death by Chocolate Sounds like a hell of a way to go, right? But don’t worry, no dying required, only pure bliss! This is a yummy dessert that my mom makes every holiday season. Making this recipe with my mom is one of my most precious childhood memories. I would stand by the stove and wait for my mom to let me lick the leftover brownie batter from the bowl, and again with the leftover chocolate pudding. The best part came when it was time to smash the Butterfingers. My mom would put half in a gallon Ziploc for me, give the other half to my twin brother, give us…

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    All Hail Queen Mary! I am completely and totally obsessed with Reign, an original CW show, but I discovered it via Netflix. This drama is filled with romance, battles, murder, revenge, and a little comedy. There are so many twists and turns throughout the show that it will have your mind reeling! I finally finished watching and I am heartbroken over the thought of a Reign-less life. I need it and I love it, but sadly the CW was only able to do four seasons. So, to reminisce on my love for Reign, here are five reasons why YOU should be obsessed as well: 1. Ruthless and Fearless Queens: Mary…

  • Starbucks Holiday Drinks 2017 Really Into This Blog
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    Starbucks Holiday Drinks 2017

    Starbucks Holiday Drinks 2017 The holidays are officially here, and Starbucks is prepared with their lineup of holiday-themed concoctions.  Every year they release their tried and true special Starbucks holiday drinks, and this year they have added a few new flavors.  We imbibed the standbys, taste-tested the new ones and reviewed them all below.  Now we just need to work off our caffeine buzzes and sugar highs! Toasted White Chocolate Mocha Our rich espresso, steamed milk and flavors of caramelized white chocolate are topped with whipped cream and candied cranberry sugar. And like the holidays, this drink is here, then gone. Bailey: The white chocolate mocha latte is my year-round…

  • Archie Comics Riverdale Really Into This
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    Season 2 of Riverdale airs October 11th, 2017 on The CW Riverdale is an American teen drama show that’s based on the characters from Archie Comics. Riverdale‘s first season consists of 13 episodes & it premiered January 26, 2017. Why are We Really Into Riverdale? Sarah: Teen Vogue is obsessed with Riverdale. I’m serious. I get their e-mail updates & at least 1/3 of them are about Riverdale. Tired of missing out on the party, I jumped into Riverdale a few weeks ago. I was hooked from the first episode. Riverdale is a cross between Veronica Mars & Gossip Girl, but with the characters we know & kind of remember from the Archie…

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    Kendra Scott; “We’re Obsessed” is an Understatement

    Kendra Scott; “We’re Obsessed” is an Understatement The bee’s knees. the cat’s meow, the shit……Kendra Scott jewelry is all of the above and we are really, and I mean REALLY, into it! We have been rocking these gemstone themed accessories for a while and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. The styles are always evolving and look good with everything, whether you’re dressing up or dressing down. Feast your eyes, because we’re about to show you some of our favorite pieces and tell you why we can’t live without them. Bailey: I discovered Kendra Scott around 2014 because a lot of my friends were wearing them and they were…

  • Really Into Lipstick
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    Really Into Lipstick

    Really Into Lipstick Of course, we are Really Into lipstick, but the hardest part is picking the right one!  We have picked some of our favorites, from drugstore to department store, to share with you.  What lipsticks are you Really Into? Bailey: You already know that we are really into Nordstrom, so here is a cream lipstick from the NARS and I am absolutely addicted to it! It’s the “Banned Red” shade & it is on fleek. Every time I get dressed up for a night out, this is on my lips! It gives a dark but not brooding look to my lips & it makes my hazel eyes pop!…

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    Your New Shopping Addiction: CUPSHE

    Your New Shopping Addiction: CUPSHE We all love a good bargain and fabulous clothes, right? RIGHT. Thanks to the goddess that is Pinterest, I have discovered perhaps the greatest (and cheapest) online, retail indulgence: Cupshe.com! https://www.cupshe.com/ Odd name, great deals! I came across this online shopping company about a year ago while getting my daily dose of Pinterest. I found the hottest, yet conservative (showing my stomach makes me a little uncomfortable), one-piece swimsuit and I rocked it for the summer. They have plenty more one-pieces, bikinis and high-waisted suits as well. Once I found this retail utopia, I found more than just one cute swimsuit…..I found tons! Not to mention…

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    Beauty & the Beast

    Beauty & the Beast SARAH: It’s here! We are Really Into Beauty & the Beast & have been anxiously awaiting the newest film for what seems like forever. It’s time to see our old friends Gaston, Lumière, LeFou, Maurice, Mrs. Potts & Chip, Cogsworth, Beast & Belle. The build up for this film is huge & I’m sure it will be stellar. Bailey, Annabelle & I splurged on the opening night Fan Event at Regal Cinemas. There is supposed to be special on screen version of “Beauty & the Beast” by Ariana Grande & John Legend as well as giveaways, themed concessions & more. As you can tell, we are…

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