Cold Remedy Hot Toddy

Even though spring is almost here, winter is still working her magic and the Cold and Flu Season is still upon us.  Most people at my office have succumbed to the flu, but not me!  I believe I owe my health this tough season to lots of citrus and a once a week consumption of this Cold Remedy Hot Toddy.Cold Remedy Hot Toddy This drink doesn’t just work to ward off the cold and flu, it helps when you are feeling sick as well.  This warm and cozy tea cocktail is a great way to combat the worst of winter. This recipe isn’t written in stone – feel free to add other items that promote health.  Just make sure to use high quality ingredients for maximum benefit. The Magic Ingredients All of the ingredients in this Cold Remedy Hot Toddy have cold-fighting powers.  Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with “The Mother” can help to kill the bacteria causing your cold and the acid thins mucus. I drink ACV year round. The Vitamin C found in lemons and other citrus fruits is great for building immunity, and citrus fruits are at their peak in the winter.  Local honey can soothe your throat and your cough, and it may contain antiviral properties.  The whisky reduces pain and helps with sleep, and turmeric and green tea are classic immune builders. How To Make a Cold Remedy Hot Toddy This recipe is simple.  Put water on to boil and get a large mug.  While the water is boiling, add all of your cold-fighting ingredients to the mug. When the water boils, add the tea bag to your mug and pour the water over.  It is very important to steep your tea – ten minutes is ideal.  This traps in the steam and builds your flavor. Before you drink, add your clove-studded lemon and a cinnamon stick to flavor your tea. THE VERDICT While we aren’t doctors and can’t prove that this Cold Remedy Hot Toddy cures the common cold, it contains several ingredients that have long been thought to fight the causes and symptoms.  It is the most delicious “medicine” you will drink all winter long, and we are Really Into It!   This Hot Toddy not only makes you warm and cozy, it also helps fight your cold!