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Bedside Manners by Heather Frimmer

Special thanks to Heather Frimmer & Suzy Approved Book Tours for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

Anyone who is a mother or a daughter will enjoy & connect with Bedside Manners by Heather Frimmer. I found this book to be touching, memorable, emotional & incredibly well written.

Bedside Manners is a dual narrative tale that works very well. Early on, readers learn of the mother’s cancer diagnosis. Simultaneously, the daughter is trudging along through medical school & planning a wedding. As this health crisis hits home, we see how vulnerability is often easier with those removed from your personal situation.

Told from the daughter & mother’s perspective, Frimmer explores what it means to be a patient & what it means to be a doctor. We see how those roles are intertwined & how emotion & personal connection fit into the world of medicine. We also see how those emotional connections can cloud judgment.

Frimmer takes readers deep into each character’s personal feelings. Honestly, this book really pulls on the heartstrings. Frimmer allows readers to connect to each character & what she is going through at this time in her life. Somehow, Frimmer is able to do this without being sappy or solemn.


I am Really Into This book. Read Bedisde Manners by Heather Frimmer if you’re in the mood for an emotional story about the bonds between a mother and daughter.

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Heather Frimmer

I’m a book addict who is not even considering recovery. Funding my book habit as a radiologist by day, I read over 100 books per year, especially enjoying women’s fiction, psychological suspense, historical fiction and family stories. A reviewer for Books, INK, I also post the occasional review of my own right here on my website.

For my day job, I am a physician—a radiologist specializing in breast imaging. When I’m not  interpreting mammograms and x-rays in a dark room, or reading/reviewing  books, you’ll find me writing. Bedside Manners (SparkPress, October 2018), my debut novel, is a tale of unbreakable maternal love and triumphant survival, offering a fictional window into the world of medicine.

Aside from books, reading, writing, books, and more books, I’m an enthusiastic foodie. Travel is another top hobby since it opens up doors to new food and restaurants. A lifetime member of Hadassah, I’m also a supporter of Pink Aid, an organization helping underserved breast cancer patients.

Suburban Connecticut is my home, where I live with my husband, Benjamin, a trained actor and now middle school theater teacher, and our two sons. The boys all have the acting “bug” and I serve as their most loyal and supportive audience member.

Tentatively titled, “Where the Blame Lies”, my second novel will again focus on the medical field, weaving a complex tale of addiction, love and survival on the operating table.


Momma, wife, baker, reader & smart ass. I am Really Into doughnuts, inside jokes, trash TV, pizza, 48 Hours & George Michael.

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