• Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Product Review

    Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun Product Review

    Meet my new favorite sunscreen! Beauty of Joseon Relief Sun: Rice + Probiotic is a great fit or my dry, sensitive and acne prone skin. It provides full coverage SPF 50+ and the price point is affordable. This post may contain links to purchase books & you can read our affiliate disclosure here. If you’re on TikTok, beauty blogs or the internet at all, then you’ve seen the rise in Korean sunscreens. They’re everywhere & they’re here to stay. If you’re anything like me, you pay attention to the trends and sit back. I’m not the first to jump on what’s hot, or what’s new- especially when it comes to my…

  • Supernova Smash Card Game Review
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    Super Nova Smash

    You can support Super Nova Smash via Kickstarter!  Several weeks ago, we were introduced to the super cool card game, Super Nova Smash. Basically, it’s a card game paired with your mobile app & it’s a race to the finish line. The cards are beautifully created with really bright colors. The free app is wild too! While racing/playing with friends, the smartphone guides & directs you through challenges, roadblocks & distractions. The more you play, you develop strategies. That’s what is cool. We played games with adults & with kids (ages 8 & up) & it’s a blast for everyone. What is Super Nova Smash? Super Nova Smash! is a…

  • Must Have Tools for the Home Baker
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    Baking Essentials: Best Tools for the Home Baker

    This post for Baking Essentials: Best Tools for the Home Baker has been running through my head for ages. I’m the first to admit that baking can be incredibly overwhelming. You need so many tools & products! I’m going to cut to the chase & list my absolute favorites.  Years ago, I remember starting out in my own adult kitchen & slowly adding tools as I could afford them. Now, some of the tools were not made to last & some are still going strong. The biggest complaint I hear about baking is, my bake didn’t turn out. A few summers ago, I visited Jessica. She was complaining that her…

  • Native Deodorant Product Review
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    Native Deodorant

    Native Deodorant Product Review Surely you’ve seen Native Deodorant on a Target endcap, right? A few months ago, the natural based deodorant caught my eye & I decided to give it a go. After using it for several weeks, I’m giving you all my full thoughts to help you decide if you want to make the switch. Does Native Deodorant Actually Work? Truthfully, it works. As a devotee to Degree since I was a pre-teen, I’m super anxious about getting rid of my antiperspirant. I need it, right? I mean, this girl sweats! Since trying Native Deodorant, I’ve traveled to New Orleans in the summer, completed a camping trip where…

  • Brocato Vibrastrait Hair Straightener Review
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    Brocato Vibrastrait Hair Straightener Review

    Brocato Vibrastrait Hair Straightener Review Ladies…….who’s ready for a silky hair revolution!? I am dying to tell you about the most fabulous hair straightener I have EVER used in the past 8 years. I am Really Into the Brocato Vibrastrait, a silk-plated, vibrating hair straightener. My teenage cousin first introduced it to me when styling my hair. I bought one at Ulta the very next day. I’m telling you….it has transformed my hair! Good Vibrations The purpose of the vibrating plates is to help separate the hairs, making it easier and more effective at straightening. With my thick hair, this feature makes the entire hair-straightening process faster. I no longer…

  • Nespresso Creatista Uno Review Machine Latte
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    Nespresso Creatista Uno Review

    I offer you my no holds barred Nespresso Creatista Uno Review. There’s nothing quite like a warm espresso & perfectly steamed milk. While I love grabbing a latte from my favorite coffee shop, my wallet gets a little light. Finally, I bit the bullet & bought a Nespresso machine with a built-in milk steamer. I am breaking down my full thoughts to help you decide if you want to get one too! Is it worth the money? So far, absolutely! I usually make a double shot latte every morning. The average cost for this is less than $1.50 a cup for the coffee. Factor in the milk & your total…

  • Most Comfortable Bras - Natori Bra Review Flora Underwire Really Into This Nordstrom
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    Most Comfortable Bras – Natori Bra Review

    Most Comfortable Bras – Natori Bra Review Are you here for a bra review? Well, you’re in the right place. Over half the world’s population wears bras, right? So why the heck don’t we talk about bras, boobs, coverage, support & comfort more often? The other day Jessica & I were talking about work out gear, sweating & bras. Girl Talk to the extreme. Jessica’s been with me bra shopping numerous times. It’s always a pain. You get measured every time, don’t you? It takes forever & I swear I NEVER have the same measurements. When you factor in my larger boobs (D cup), nursing two kids, weight loss, weight…

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    The Book Corner Beaverton

    The Book Corner Beaverton Located at 12470 SW 5th Street, Beaverton OR 97005 Open Tuesday – Saturday 11 to 5 Our mission ▪ Cooperate with the library in expanding services to the community ▪ Promote the development of library programs ▪ Create and foster an appreciation of library services ▪ Support and strengthen the library My Favorite Bookstore I sure do love a used book store & The Book Corner in Beaverton, Oregon is my favorite. It’s my go-to stop to stock up on books. It doesn’t hurt that that everyone who works there is super nice, the book prices are very affordable & the house is so stinking cute.…

  • Hoffman Farms Store Really Into This Schools Beaverton Oregon
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    Hoffman Farms Store

    Hoffman Farms Store Hours vary based on season Located at 22242 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Beaverton, OR 97007 Every once in a while you happen upon a place that is a game changer. For us, that’s Hoffman Farms Store. This summer we discovered our new favorite family-run farm. Honestly, we are there SO much that it’s wild I haven’t written a post about it before now. But once their fall offerings got rolling, I knew I had to highlight it! So, here’s my love letter to Hoffman Farms Store! Berry Picking Zen We are a family of berry pickers, there is no doubt about that. Every season, we hit the…

  • Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Delivery Review
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    Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Delivery Review

    Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Delivery Review We are all about the meal delivery plans. Long ago, Jessica told me all about Blue Apron & Plated. My friend Cassandra raves about Freshly & Jessica is giving Hello Fresh a try very soon! You get it. We like the convenience of someone else picking out recipes & having the ingredients delivered straight to our door. While I love my Blue Apron & Plated meals, I really wanted to try Purple Carrot.  Years ago, I ate a Vegan diet for about 8 weeks. While I felt great, I ran out of recipes SUPER fast, so it was a challenge to keep the veggies creative, tasty…

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