In the Vines by Shannon Kirk Book Cover Review
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In The Vines by Shannon Kirk

In the Vines by Shannon Kirk Book Cover Review
Special thanks to Shannon Kirk & Thomas & MercerᅵAmazon Publishing for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review. 

A family estranged, long-kept secrets, and a woman unwittingly searching for answers are woven together in this coastal thriller. In The Vines by Shannon Kirk is a unique thriller.


An enraged woman wields a hatchet in search of Mop (Mary Olivia Pentecost). She threatens to kill anyone who crosses her path for vengeance. Shannon Kirk immediately draws us into Mop’s hiding place, and her struggle to balance fear with pain and the will to survive.

The story unfolds alternating between the voices of Mop and her Aunty Liv. Descendants of a prestigious New England family, these women have large estates and political power – think the Kennedys, but with dark secrets. By uncovering past traumas, we discover the events that bring us to the present day horror of hiding in a burned out basement.


Mop, her mother Johanna, and her Aunty Liv were three peas in a pod. Their unconditional love was unshakeable… until that fateful night two years ago. Fast forward to today, and the tightly knit sweater of affection has unraveled. In search of answers and a desire to repair a broken family, Mop visits her Aunt’s estate. She finds a shell of the woman she once knew. Familiar sights and sounds are all an out of place, and must be pieced together.

Deftly intertwined is the romance between Mop and her childhood sweetheart. Though separated for years, their love is deep and connection undeniable.


I am Really Into This book. Kirk takes us on a tumultuous ride through family history, and the threads we grasp at to connect us to our reality. When that reality shakes us to our core – do we fight or do we give in to fear? The wrath and psychosis of women scorned makes for a page-turning read.

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About the Author: Shannon Kirk

Author Bio Shannon KirkShannon Kirk is a practicing attorney and former law professor in Massachusetts, where she lives with her husband, a physicist and ultra-marathoner, and son, a cat-loving, basketball-player.

When not writing or practicing law, Shannon enjoys creating sea-glass sculptures, painting, and hanging with her family and two cats, Marvin and Stewie, who sometimes appear in her books.

Shannon writes in several genres: poetry, literary fiction, suspense/thriller, and young adult.

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