Book Review Next of Kin by Hannah Bonam-Young
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Next of Kin by Hannah Bonam-Young

Thank you to Hannah Bonam-Young for my gifted review copy of Next of Kin.

There are so many things to love about Hannah Bonam-Young’s Next of Kin, so let the swooning commence. This book is tender, filled with authentic and relatable relationships, characters you champion from the beginning, and open door romance. I loved it so very much.

A Foster Guardian Relationship

I’ve yet to read a romance featuring a foster guardian, so I was excited to dive in. We all know I’m a huge fan of love stories with a grief element and Next of Kin by Hannah Bonam-Young is just that. From the get-go, Chloe has to confront her feelings towards her birth mother as she wrestles with her decision to become an instant foster guardian for her half-sister. She’s just getting her life together and certainly wasn’t planning on this.

Without sufficient work history, she doesn’t meet the guidelines to foster on her own. But, there’s another option. She’s matched with Warren, who plans to foster his teenage brother, Luke. Warren is in need of a two-bedroom apartment and it just so happens that Chloe has rooms available and even better, it’s near Luke’s school. Luke is deaf and communicates with ASL, the same as Chloe’s adoptive father. With no other options, they all live together in effort to make both of their foster relationships successful.

Acts of Service

I fell hard in love with Warren and his acts of service. As they get to know one another, he’s able to meet and anticipate Chloe’s needs. It’s so special. Chloe is a gem as well. Readers see her unpack some of her issues in such a healthy way. Chloe also opens up to Warren and her long-time female friends about her background.

The Verdict

I am Really Into This book! Next of Kin by Hannah Bonam-Young is filled with vulnerability, heartache, triumphs, friendships, and love – it’s a must-read!

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