• What to Watch If You're a '90s Kid TV Recommendations
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    What to Watch If You’re a ’90s Kid

    Get ready for a TV binge-watch full of nostalgia with What to Watch If You’re a ’90s Kid! There is something so satisfying, enjoyable, and fun about traveling back in time to my favorite decade. Get your flannel, VCR & answering machines ready for this TV listicle! What to Watch If You’re a ’90s Kid THE REAL WORD: HOMECOMING Watch on Paramount+ The first season of THE REAL WORLD reunites at the same apartment in NYC. This is such a throwback and top of the What to Watch If You’re a ’90s Kid List!  Watching this is also a huge realization of how instrumental Kevin was to open my eyes…

  • Christmas Romance Booklist
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    Holiday Romance Novellas

    It’s my Favorite Time of Year! – it’s time for Holiday Romance Novellas! This year, my good friend Laura (from the What to Read Next Podcast) are sharing some of our favorite Holiday Romance Novellas! We love a great romantic novella any time of the year. Yet, around the holiday season, we want to read as many themed romances as we can! Merry Inkmas by Talia Hibbert Christmas loving hero who owns a tattoo shop hires his crush to be his receptionist She is a tattoo virgin He pops her cherry in a hot steamy scene at the tattoo shop Cash Evans knows exactly what he wants for Christmas. Too…

  • Best Shows to Watch About Drug Cartels Mafia
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    Bingeworthy Mafia and Drug Cartel TV Series

    I always gravitate towards TV shows about the mafia, drugs & cartels. While watching these types of shows, I love getting to see the reasons behind why people make these choices & why they get involved in these ventures. Some are very violent, some are really gritty & most have characters that you root for. Bingeworthy Mafia and Drug Cartel TV Series The Sopranos This is a modern mafia show with fantastic writing. Every episode is fantastic & I’ll binge the hell out of it any day of the week! To this day, The Sopranos is my favorite HBO show of all time. It definitely belongs at the top of…

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    Summer Reading List 2020

    It is time for my Summer Reading List 2020! Every year I look forward to sitting in the sun with a pina colada & enjoying a good book. This year, I am sharing all the books I plan to read this summer. Since the majority of my reading friends head back to school in August, all of these titles come out June – August 4th. That way, you have plenty of time to read this summer! I even placed this list in order of publication date. I hope you enjoy your Summer Reading! When you purchase from Bookshop.org, you help support this site & independent bookstores. You can read our affiliate…

  • Book List Enemies to Lovers Romances
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    Enemies to Lovers Romance Books

    Enemies to Lovers Romance Books are one of our absolute favorite tropes. Seeing characters going from hate to love is so satisfying! My friend, Laura Yamin from the What to Read Next Podcast put this Enemies to Lovers Romance List together! We hope you’ll find some new favorites on this list! This post may contain links to purchase books & you can read our affiliate disclosure here.  The Hating Game by Sally Thorne This is the classic enemies to lovers. The banter. The comedic timing.  This is a must-read for fans of enemies to lovers Premise: Hero and Heroine hate each other as they work in the same company and are…

  • Under the Radar Book Club Picks Graphic
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    Under the Radar Book Club Picks

    Under the Radar Book Club Picks My friend Heather over at Book Club Chat & I were chatting about all the books that are great book club selections. For us, there are a few standouts that maybe didn’t get the love we feel they deserve. Here is our List of Under the Radar Book Club Picks. The Unbreakables by Lisa Barr Heather read this book last summer & raves about it. I waited a while longer. But as soon as I read The Unbreakables, all I want to do is talk to everyone about it! The Unbreakables by Lisa Barr is sexy, sensual, heartbreaking, gorgeous & it’s a grown folks…

  • List of Sister Storiees
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    Books About Sisters

    Books About Sisters I love a story that centers around sisters. Luckily, so does my friend Amy Novelgossip. Here, we have a huge list of Books about Sisters! The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green Despite some heavier topics it really does read like a light, summery read. At heart it’s a novel about family, forgiveness, acceptance, letting go of painful pasts, and the always complicated relationships between mothers and daughters and sisters. I read it on vacation and it was truly the perfect book to read on the beach. You can read Amy’s full review here. Sunrise on Half Moon Bay by Robyn Carr I started Sunrise on Half Moon Bay…

  • Best Audible Escape Titles
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    Must Read Audible Escape Titles

    Must Read Audible Escape Titles Are you a romance reader looking to add audiobooks into your repertoire? Not sure where to start? Here I am sharing 10 Must Read Audible Escape Titles to jumpstart your membership! The Audible Escape package provides unlimited listening to hundreds of romance titles. How does it work? You pay a flat fee of $6.95 if you have Audible/Kindle Unlimited or $12.95 as a standalone service and then you can download at least 10 audiobooks at the time.  This post contains links affiliate products that we may receive compensation from at no additional cost to you. View our Affiliate Disclosure page here. Hold You Close by Melanie…

  • Must Have Tools for the Home Baker
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    Baking Essentials: Best Tools for the Home Baker

    This post for Baking Essentials: Best Tools for the Home Baker has been running through my head for ages. I’m the first to admit that baking can be incredibly overwhelming. You need so many tools & products! I’m going to cut to the chase & list my absolute favorites.  Years ago, I remember starting out in my own adult kitchen & slowly adding tools as I could afford them. Now, some of the tools were not made to last & some are still going strong. The biggest complaint I hear about baking is, my bake didn’t turn out. A few summers ago, I visited Jessica. She was complaining that her…

  • CrimeCon 2019 Meet & Greet Dateline
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    CrimeCon 2019

    CrimeCon 2019 New Orleans I’m so thankful I attended CrimeCon 2019 with my true crime loving cousins this year. If there is an event created for me, it’s CrimeCon 2019! Keith Morrison, Dirty John, Someone Knows Something, Tenderfoot TV, 48 Hours & more! To say I’m thrilled to recap this weekend for you all is an understatement. If you ever attend CrimeCon, I highly recommend staying at the hotel hosting the event. This was a game changer for us. We were able to access all the events in less than 5 minutes from our room. While walking around the hotel, I spot Nancy Grace (amazing & so friendly) Kelly Siegler,…

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