What to Watch If You're a '90s Kid TV Recommendations
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What to Watch If You’re a ’90s Kid

Get ready for a TV binge-watch full of nostalgia with What to Watch If You’re a ’90s Kid! There is something so satisfying, enjoyable, and fun about traveling back in time to my favorite decade. Get your flannel, VCR & answering machines ready for this TV listicle!

What to Watch If You’re a ’90s Kid

Graphic for real World Homecoming Paramount PLus What to Watch If You're a '90s Kid


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The first season of THE REAL WORLD reunites at the same apartment in NYC. This is such a throwback and top of the What to Watch If You’re a ’90s Kid List!  Watching this is also a huge realization of how instrumental Kevin was to open my eyes about so many racial injustice issues in America. Unfortunately, many of the issues he brought up 30 years ago are just as prevalent and important today.

VERDICT: Emotional, timely, and feels like catching up with old friends

Graphic for Netflix The Last Blockbuster


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As a former video store employee, even worked at Blockbuster, this documentary is EVERYTHING. THE LAST BLOCKBUSTER discusses the rise and fall of the video store and how that may impact our communities and taste moving forward. Like how are we to pick out our movies if left to our own devices? I love the idea of connecting with your video store clerk based on share preferences. Honestly, it’s what Really Into This is all about! This film makes me sad that I’m no longer smelling cheap popcorn, burnt plastic, and cleaning out the return bin

VERDICT: Definitely making a trip to Bend, OR to visit the last Blockbuster ASAP

Graphic for Hulu Kid 90

KID 90

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KID 90 actually inspired this What to Watch If You’re a ’90s Kid listicle. Soleil Moon Frye chronicles her youth as a child star and teenager in home videos. There are appearances by anyone and everyone. KID 90 is like a yearbook for young Hollywood in the ’90s. This film hits pretty hard. It discusses drug use, mental health, suicide, growing up and all that entails. I loved hearing how Soleil put herself out there from the very beginning to be open and vulnerable especially relating to body image.

VERDICT: Touching time capsule

What to Watch If You're a '90s Kid The Challenge All stars Paramount plus


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Get ready because this show premieres on April 1st. In the meantime, you can catch up on all the old Challenges on Paramount Plus. Talk about a throwback! So many of the OG REAL WORLD and ROAD RULES cast are back for this best of the best completion. Ruthie, Mark, Tec, Syrus, Beth, Trishelle, Katie & Yes – so many people are coming back! I hope there are extra medics on board!

VERDICT: We’ve seen this crew before and we know they will deliver on the drama and competition.

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