Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke Book Review Really Into This Goodreads
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Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke Book Review

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke Book Review Really Into This Goodreads

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke Book Review

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Publication Date February 26, 2019

Not even Lake Eden’s nosiest residents suspected Hannah Swensen would go from idealistic newlywed to betrayed wife in a matter of weeks. But as a deadly mystery unfolds in town, the proof is in the pudding . . .

When The Cookie Jar becomes the setting of a star-studded TV special about movies filmed in Minnesota, Hannah hopes to shine the spotlight on her bakery—not the unsavory scandal swirling around her personal life. But that’s practically impossible with a disturbing visit from the shifty character she once believed was her one and only love, a group of bodyguards following her every move, and a murder victim in her bedroom. Now, swapping the crime scene in her condo for her mother Delores’s penthouse, Hannah and an old flame team up to solve a case that’s messier than an upended chocolate cream pie. As suspects emerge and secrets hit close to home, Hannah must serve a hefty helping of justice to an unnamed killer prowling around Lake Eden . . . before someone takes a slice out of her!

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder by Joanne Fluke Book Review

Let’s head back to Lake Eden with Hannah Swensen. Guess what? There’s a murder & Hannah is involved.

Cozy as Chocolate Cream Pie

I know exactly what I’m getting when I crack open the spine of a Hannah Swensen novel from Joanne Fluke. As I settle in with the cast of memorable characters in Lake Eden, I feel at home. Like me, Hannah & her family talk about food non-stop. This means there are tons of tasty recipes all along the way.

While I took a break from the series for a bit, I’m back in action. The story opens with Hannah dealing with the fallout from her sham marriage. Of course, Hannah didn’t know that. Ross played her & luckily, he’s gone for good. Or is he?

Chocolate Cream Pie Murder takes a bit of a darker turn. Yes, it’s still cozy material. But there are some pretty intense encounters this go around. Hannah always gets herself in the middle of things. No doubt, she is known for sticking her nose into situations. This time, it’s a little different. The trouble finds her & she can’t get herself & her nose away from it fast enough.


I am Really Into This book & I am Really Into This series. Christmas Cake Murder rekindled my love for this fantastic series. And this ending… what?!? I’m hooked & ready for the next one.

You’ve got to check out the fantastic Hallmark movies based on Joanne’s books. They are a TON of fun!

Special thanks to Joane FlukeKensington Books & NetGalley for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

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Christmas Cake Murder by Joanne Fluke Book Review Author Bio Joanne Fluke Facebook

Joanne Fluke | Facebook

Joanne Fluke is theNew York Times bestselling author of the Hannah Swensen mysteries, which include Double Fudge Brownie Murder, Blackberry Pie Murder, Cinnamon Roll Murder, and the book that started it all, Chocolate Chip Cookie Murder. That first installment in the series premiered as Murder, She Baked: A Chocolate Chip Cookie Mystery on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel. Like Hannah Swensen, Joanne Fluke was born and raised in a small town in rural Minnesota, but now lives in Southern California. Please visit her online at

Momma, wife, baker, reader & smart ass. I am Really Into doughnuts, inside jokes, trash TV, pizza, 48 Hours & George Michael.

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