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“Everyday is Christmas” with Sia Album Review

“Everyday is Christmas” with Sia Album Review

She did it again! Sia dropped a combo of hot tracks that you can’t help but be a little addicted to, and just in time for Christmas! I for one can’t get enough of Sia’s voice, and even a song strictly about puppies sounds good with her pipes. The album has 10 songs with a perfect balance of upbeat, jolly ones and those slower, sultry ones Sia is known for. And of course, Sia’s muse, Maddie Ziegler, is the featured face. The tracks lack in the cheesy department like typical Christmas tunes (not a bad thing AT ALL) but they just as easily can get stuck in your mind on repeat. Let me break down my favorites for you:

“Everyday is Christmas”

This song kind of has the same message as Mariah Carey’s classic, “All I Want for Christmas is You,” being in love and feeling like everyday is a holiday. However, this ballad is slow and crooning which means I wouldn’t mind hearing 20 times in a row over the shopping mall intercom. It gets you in the Christmas and cuffing season spirit without making you want plug your ears after five repeats; you could play this one ALL DAY for all I care!

“Underneath the Mistletoe”

This track was my second favorite on the album and I really enjoyed it! Also a slow and sultry one, it got me in the kissin’ mood real quick! It’s beat was actually kind of sexy and I could definitely picture myself swaying along with my fella on the dance floor. This song is perfect to listen to when you want to dial back and relax from all the holiday craze.

“Santa’s Coming For Us”

This tune had my hips swinging back and forth and highlights all the monumental steps of getting ready for Christmas; picking out the tree, sipping hot cocoa, writing letters to Santa and more. It definitely reminds me of “Santa Clause is Coming to Town” but much less kiddy and a lot more smooth. And the best part of all? Kristen Bell, real-life hubby Dax Shepard, JB Smoove from Curb Your Enthusiasm, Henry Winkler, soap opera pro Susan Lucci, Caleb McLaughlin who plays Lucas on Stranger Things, Sophia Lillis who plays Beverly on IT, and Wyatt Oleff from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 all star in the 50’s era music video and it’s AWESOME! This video and this song will have you jammin’ along while cooking your Christmas Day feast.


This song is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE on the entire album. It’s a slow and kind of heartbreaking love song, but in a bittersweet way. Sia sings of a love who’s soon to leave along with the winter season, but who’s presence was unforgettable. This magical love is referred to as a snowflake, a testament to them being unique, as no snowflake is ever the same. She talks about winter coming to an end and how “the snowflake” must go, but their time together was something to remember; a beautiful metaphor for a love story’s chapter coming to a close. I’m telling you, my heartstrings were a-tuggin’! This song is perfect to remind you to cherish the loved ones that you get to see, and may only ever get to see, during Christmas.

THE VERDICT – “Everyday is Christmas” with Sia Album Review

Overall, I give it a 9.5 out of 10! A couple of songs were odd, like the song about puppies…..and that’s it, but when is Sia not odd (and who doesn’t love puppies)? I’m still Really Into it and it’s sure to get you Really Into the Christmas spirit while spending time with your family and friends over the next two days. Check it out on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music and more!

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