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    Rocky IV Soundtrack

    Rocky IV Soundtrack Come 5 AM at the gym, there are several different artists & albums that I am Really Into. It’s not easy to get motivated that early in the morning. So, I rely on a few favorites. One of those is the Rocky IV Soundtrack. There are days when that gangsta rap gets my blood boiling. Tupac is my go-to. Other days, I prefer that Dirty South vibe. Those days I go hard with Scarface, Lil Keke, UGK and so on. But there’s something about the Rocky IV Soundtrack that lights the fire within. The Soundtrack of ALL Soundtracks The Rocky IV Soundtrack is always a constant in my playlist. When I need…

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    “Everyday is Christmas” with Sia Album Review

    “Everyday is Christmas” with Sia Album Review She did it again! Sia dropped a combo of hot tracks that you can’t help but be a little addicted to, and just in time for Christmas! I for one can’t get enough of Sia’s voice, and even a song strictly about puppies sounds good with her pipes. The album has 10 songs with a perfect balance of upbeat, jolly ones and those slower, sultry ones Sia is known for. And of course, Sia’s muse, Maddie Ziegler, is the featured face. The tracks lack in the cheesy department like typical Christmas tunes (not a bad thing AT ALL) but they just as easily…

  • Kelly Clarkson Wrapped in Red Album Review Really Into This Blog YouTube
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    Kelly Clarkson Wrapped in Red Album Review

    Kelly Clarkson Wrapped in Red Album Review This album came out in 2013, but this is my first year to Really appreciate the Christmas miracle that is Kelly Clarkson. There are so many meaningful & beautiful songs featured in Wrapped in Red. I just can’t get enough. If you’re like me, you watch a lot of TV. Even if you don’t watch a lot of TV, chances are you’ve heard “Underneath the Tree” from Kelly’s Wrapped in Red album. The song was featured in an Amazon commercial a few years ago. Don’t remember it? Let me refresh your memory. “Underneath The Tree” is sure to get you in the holiday spirit. My…

  • Smokey Robinson Christmas Everyday Album Review Really Into This Blog Billboard
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    Smokey Robinson Christmas Everyday Album Review

    Smokey Robinson Christmas Everyday Album Review I love me some Christmas music. Elvis, George Michael, Wham!, Bing Crosby, Otis Redding & the Love Actually soundtrack are my standbys. But you know what? I get a little tired of the same old songs year after year. It seems like there is a plethora of Christmas themed albums that come out every year. Although they may be popular at the moment, it seems that very few of the newer Christmas albums become staples. Well, leave it to the music legend, Smokey Robinson to change that. His new album, Christmas Everyday is on fire. My Favorite Tracks – Smokey Robinson Christmas Everyday Album Review…

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    I wasn’t going to write a post on why I am Really Into the Disney movie Moana, but I have to. I just can’t quit it & I don’t want to. The reason I have to write this post is that there are people that have not seen this movie. I will admit it. I did not see Moana in the theaters. Disney movies are wonderful, but I was still in a Frozen hangover. Several months back, one of my Facebook friends said she loved Moana more than Frozen & I thought she was out of her mind. No way could Moana be better. Moana is better than Frozen Frozen was a…

  • Haim Band Album Review Something to Tell You Really Into This
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    Haim Album Review Something To Tell You

    Haim Album Review Something To Tell You When I saw this trio perform “Little Bit of Your Love” on Saturday Night Live, I was instantly enamored with Este’s bass face. Seriously, Google it, watch it, appreciate it, know & love it- it’s stellar. Then my Entertainment Weekly came and it had a huge article on these three sisters from California and I fell hard in love with them. I “met” Danielle, the middle sister that plays drums in the studio & guitar and lead vocals. There is Baby Haim, Alana who is a champ piano/keyboard player, guitar player & is listed in this article as a multi-instrumentalist. Este is obviously the…

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    Trombone Shorty Parking Lot Symphony

    Trombone Shorty Parking Lot Symphony Every once in a while, I fall so deeply in love with something that I have to share it with everyone & Trombone Shorty’s Parking Lot Symphony album is my latest love affair. I was born in Louisiana, so I have a soft spot for New Orleans Jazz & Lord knows, I sure love the blues. But, I also love R&B (specifically 90’s R&B) and love anything that makes feet move, my hips sway & my heart feel. I came across Parking Lot Symphony on Amazon Prime’s New Releases about a month ago & I keep thinking I’ll tire of it, but I don’t. My love for this…

  • Todrick Hall Straight Outta Oz Tour
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    Todrick Hall Straight Outta Oz Tour

    Please tell me you are going to see the Todrick Hall Straight Outta Oz Tour! If not, you are Really missing out. Who is Todrick? Todrick Hall is amazing. A Texas boy with a gift from God, a songwriter, an actor, a Broadway star, was on American Idol & had his own MTV show. He has over 436 million views on YouTube with no end in sight. We account for a million of those, at least. He’s a guest judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race, just finished his turn as Lola in Kinky Boots & he is SO good to his fans. We can’t get enough of him. Once you watch and/or…

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    The Music of Big Little Lies

    The Music of Big Little Lies If you’re not watching Big Little Lies, you still have time to get caught up. There are 2 episodes left & we are still Really Into It. One of the best things about the show is the music. JESSICA:  The music in the show is like its own character and is telling an unspoken part of the story.  Little Chloe is almost always the one who is always setting the theme and I have a feeling that this is not by accident.  I wish I had her knowledge of music as a 33 year old – and she is only 6! SARAH: The theme song is haunting.…

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    Beauty & the Beast

    Beauty & the Beast SARAH: It’s here! We are Really Into Beauty & the Beast & have been anxiously awaiting the newest film for what seems like forever. It’s time to see our old friends Gaston, Lumière, LeFou, Maurice, Mrs. Potts & Chip, Cogsworth, Beast & Belle. The build up for this film is huge & I’m sure it will be stellar. Bailey, Annabelle & I splurged on the opening night Fan Event at Regal Cinemas. There is supposed to be special on screen version of “Beauty & the Beast” by Ariana Grande & John Legend as well as giveaways, themed concessions & more. As you can tell, we are…

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