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Fancy AF Cocktails Tom Toddy

Fancy AF Cocktails Tom Toddy

Another week, another Vanderpump cocktail.  Sarah and I are determined to drink our way through Fancy AF Cocktails: Drink Recipes from a Couple of Professional Drinkers.

The first drink I made was on the trashy side: The Pregame. While that was fun, this time I wanted to try something a little more my style. It’s cold outside, so I have been craving a hot drink. The Fancy AF Cocktails Tom Toddy was calling my name.

Dirty Chai Love

My go to drink at any coffee shop is a Dirty Chai Latte: the spicy tea, the foam, the espresso; everything about it makes me happy. The fact that I have never thought about adding a shot of bourbon to it actually make me angry. I have been missing out on boozy chai teas for years!

The Tom Toddy

I made the Fancy AF Cocktails Tom Toddy two different ways. First, I followed the directions (with delicious results), and one the cheating way, with a canned Dirty Chai that I enjoy. Next time I may just be throwing bourbon straight into my next coffee order!

The Tom Toddy Recipe

By far the best way to make the Fancy AF Cocktails Tom Toddy was Tom’s way (surprise, surprise). It had the perfect amount of spice, sweet and creaminess – though I may have added a little extra bourbon, for good measure. The hardest part was waiting for the water to boil!  All you need is a coffee mug, Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk, Cinnamon, Honey, Espresso and Chai Tea.

Fancy AF Cocktails Tom Toddy Ingredients

As with any recipe, it is important to use good ingredients.  You need a quality bourbon of course, but also make sure you choose your espresso and tea carefully as well. I love Stash Teas and already had their chai at home. To make this at home, I needed espresso.  Normally I would use the Chameleon Cold Brew Espresso Concentrate because I know that it is good quality and doesn’t contain sweeteners, but of course I couldn’t find it! I ended up using another Austin brand of canned espresso that I like, High Brew.  Using your local honey will make you feel like you’re doing something healthy.

The Verdict

I am IN LOVE with the Fancy AF Cocktails Tom Toddy.  It combines two of my favorite things: Dirty Chai and Bourbon!  Not only is it delicious and warming, but it smells amazing while it is brewing. I have officially replaced the classic Hot Toddy (though I will still always drink my Cold Remedy Hot Toddy when I am feeling under the weather).  Do yourself a favor and warm up with a mug of this perfect toddy!

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