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Girl Meets World: Don’t Leave Us!

Girl Meets World: Don’t Leave Us!

If you’re 22-years-old and you like to dabble in the Disney Channel, you need to hear this. If you’re an adult and you DON’T dabble in the Disney Channel, you STILL need to hear this. Yes, I am almost 23-years-old and I still watch Disney Channel. Why not? Who doesn’t love to remind themselves of what it was like to be young!? Who doesn’t like to enjoy shows once in a while that lack profanity, sex, drugs and violence!? Disney Channel shows never fail to put a little happy back into my life or put a goofy smile on my face. There is one show in particular that I look forward to every week: Girl Meets World.

Come on you Boy Meets World fanatics! You know your heart grew three sizes when you heard of this little revamp that follows Riley Matthews, Cory and Topanga’s daughter. And you know you swooned even more when you heard that Ben Savage and Danielle Fishel themselves were included in the show. I have been following the show as best as I can since it aired and if you haven’t, you’re missing out! I thought I was going to loose it with guest appearances from Shawn, Turner, Eric, Cory’s parents, and FEENY! Yes, FREAKING MR. FEENY has made a couple of appearances. If you loved Boy Meets World, you’ll love Girl Meets World as well. It’s got the life lessons you loved from the wise mind of Feeny, only this time from the mind of Cory. They’re lessons that change your life; lessons that get you through the hardest times in your life; lessons you want your children to know. I’m here to tell you that these lessons never go out of style, and Girl Meets World is perfect for ALL ages.
But I’ve got some bad news…..late last night, the Girl Meets World writers announced that the show has been canceled after three seasons. THREE SEASONS!? WHY!? That is such a short time period! Is it due to ratings? A random decision by Disney? WHAT!? Sadly, the announcement doesn’t say why, only that the writers are sad to see it go. I AM LIVID!!! Seriously, my heart is broken and so are the hearts of millions of other fans. After pondering for a while last night over why my heart was being toyed with, I came up with two reasons why the plug was pulled: either the ratings were low because there weren’t enough viewers, or Disney thought the show was too serious for kids. Well I’m here to provide an argument to BOTH of these problems!
If lack of viewers is the issue, it’s because people automatically assume this show is just for kids. IT’S NOT! I am almost 23 and I love this show. It teaches you lessons about finding yourself in the world, how to survive the curve-balls that life throws at you, and how important friendships are. We are NEVER too old to learn these lessons or be reminded of them. Yes, the show centers around teenagers and lessons they need, but the lessons are timeless and the adults learn too! Riley and Mya’s friendship is always facing challenges, and these don’t go away when you turn 18; they get WORSE. Cory and Topanga face challenges of being parents and whether they’re teaching their kids the right things; clearly a lesson made for adults. Riley has to learn how to overcome a bully that tears her down for being who she is, and no matter what age you are, there will always be someone or something trying to bring you down. Mya has to learn how to open her heart when Sean wants to marry her mom and trust that he won’t leave like her dad; this kind of situation can happen to a kid, teen or adult and can apply to anyone struggling to love and trust again. Riley and her group of friends have to learn everyday what the real world is like and who they want to be in it; this is a daily struggle for everyone, especially young adults like me who are graduating college, having to find a big girl job, and questioning everyday what we want out of life.rs_1024x759-140402093641-1024-girl-meets-world-jr-4214
As for being too serious, this show has PLENTY of comedic relief! Riley and her friends are pretty clever, and little brother Auggie is so funny it makes my stomach hurt! And who wants a show that is cheesy all of the time!? REAL entertainment brings out all of the emotions in you, and a real impact can only be made if you learn something from the show. If all your kid wants is cookie-cutter characters and basic plots, they’re clearly not ready for real learning and should stick to Disney Junior. If your teen only wants straight up drama and freaking love-struck vampires, slap them and show them this show! It will entertain them, teach them, and give them something to take with them as they move forward in life. And if you, an adult, are not watching this show, shame on you! Girl Meets World has something special for anyone of any age. You are never too old to be reminded of how important friends and kindness are, and having faith in others is a lesson needed throughout a lifetime.girl-meets-world

Do you see it now? Do you see how this Disney Channel show is one that EVERYONE can benefit from? I hope you see it. If this show ends, how will we know what the rest of high school is like for Riley and her friends? Will the love triangle between Riley, Maya and Lucas ever be broken? Will they all find their place in this world? WE HAVE TO KNOW! Boy Meets World went all the way through college and marriages; why can’t Girl Meets World do the same!? We have to see how their lives unfold, Disney!!! Please, share this post, tweet the show, tweet the writers, leave your comments, and if you have an experience with the show, SHARE IT. Maybe our efforts will show everyone how great Girl Meets World is and maybe, just maybe, we can save it. Let’s show Disney that we need this show in order to “take on the world”!

Cheerio ole chaps! I'm a retired dancer & an aspiring broadcast journalist who would love to work for CNN London (I'm a Brit at heart). I love talking to anyone who listens & reliving my dance days in my kitchen. Chicken nuggets are a crucial part of my diet as well as Moscato. In my downtime, I enjoy napping with my rescue Pitbull, Cowboy & binge-watching CSI: Miami. Happy reading sexy beasts!

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  • stslusher

    What a bummer, Bailey. Good shows for pre-teens are hard to come by. Hopefully this show can be saved or find new life on another network/developer. <3

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