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Golden Globes – Our Favorite Looks

Golden Globes – Our Favorite Looks

Well, the show is over and now it is time for the most fun discussion – who was the best dressed?!  Sarah and I will each pick the five looks we were Really Into!  Sorry boys, but the women are the ones who will shine on our blog tonight and we are going to focus on what we liked, not what we didn’t.

Jessica’s Picks:


Jessica: Mandy Moore.  I thought she just looked like a classic Hollywood star.  This dress is classic and sexy and I love the minimal makeup.  You can tell she feels beautiful.

Sarah: I was Really Into her look. Her bronzed chest was the real winner of the night. Her jewelry is on point, she looks graceful & relaxed. She’s never looked better.


Jessica: Reese Witherspoon killed it.  There were several yellow dresses on the carpet tonight and I liked them all, but this buttery color on Reese was my favorite.  Total classic glamour and the hair, makeup and jewelry were flawless.

Sarah: Reese always kills it. I would kill to be able to wear yellow, but I’m pasty as hell. She looks cool, collected, its a great form fitting dress & a memorable look for her. She’s got it going on!


Jessica: I thought Naomie Harris looked beautiful on the red carpet, but when she stepped on the stage you could really see what a show stopper this dress is.  It fits perfectly and the color is fantastic with her skin.  It is modern and classic all at the same time.

Sarah: This dress is interesting for sure. It reminds me of a metallic birch tree; I feel like metallics, black & white were huge this year. This dress is a great look for her. Her gentle curls and sharp earrings make the look for me.


Jessica: If you didn’t know who Priyanka Chopra was before the Golden Globes, you will probably remember her now.  I love the gold dress.  It is so intricate and ornate but somehow doesn’t take away from her face.  I am also loving her lipstick.

Sarah: Damn you, Jessica. I was going to pick this. She’s just so gorgeous! I mean her dark, relaxed hair with that stunning lipstick- stunning. This gold dress is unbelievable & she reminds me of another woman in gold. BEAUTIFUL.


Jessica: Last but not least, Lily Collins.  This dress is so not what I normally like, but for some reason I am Really Into it.  It is a fairy tale dress and I think Lily is the perfect age to wear it.  Her dark hair and lips are a great juxtaposition to the girly softness of the rest of the look.

Sarah: Jessica! This dress was on my mind all night. It’s lovely. The neckline alone is brilliant. Her chocolate hair in an up-do with her flawless eyebrows & wine colored lipstick is a great fit for the softness of the pink dress. LOVE this on her.


Sarah’s Picks

Sarah: This Jenny Packham dress on Kristen Bell is classic, elegant & sophisticated. She & Dax were really bringing the Hollywood Glamour tonight. They both looked amazing. Her clean make-up with her striking, large jewelry was a nice contrast to her sleek, black dress. Jessica, I bet you loved this one too- it’s our homegirl, Veronica all grown-up.

Jessica:  Haha Sarah you know I love me some Kristen Bell.  I think she looked very pretty, but I was a little underwhelmed and I am not even sure why. She could wear a paper sack and still look fantastic.

Sarah: I know this look won’t be for everyone, but I thought it was PERFECTION for Evan Rachel Wood. If I could look like this in a pantsuit, I would wear one everyday. Her make-up is flawless & her soft wave of hair is just bad-ass. She’s fierce in this & I want this look on a poster.

Jessica: I almost picked this one!  Evan Rachel Wood is so beautiful and this suit is perfectly tailored and I love seeing something different.  Could she look any cooler or more confident??

Sarah: Viola Davis is amazing in this bright yellow dress. I don’t know anyone else who could have worn this & looked this amazing. Her soft bob & minimal jewelry let her & the dress be the star & she is definitely A STAR!

Jessica:  I was so close to picking this dress on Viola Davis.  I think she always looks fantastic.  She looks effortless and chic.

Sarah: Now I did tweet that Thandie Newton looked like a Roman Candle in this dress & I stand by that comment. She’s a firework & I loved seeing this unexpected spark of orange on her dress. I also love the long necklace & it was so sexy. She’s amazon & confident & who doesn’t love a ponytail at an awards show?

Jessica:  Sometimes we are so in sync Sarah!  I really like this dress too!  That long necklace was everything for me – so hot!  This dress is definitely a little different but she worked it so well.



Sarah: Well, Christine Evangelista was a beauty in this warm, flowing dress. This look is sharp, clean & soft- all at the same time. This dress drapes beautifully & I can’t get enough of it. I’m Really Into this dress.

Jessica:  This is another one that I was Really Into.  This color was unique in the red carpet tonight so she really stood out. The bottom of the dress is beautiful – I love the length.  She looks like a star.

Do you agree with us???  Let us know which looks you were Really Into!


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