Keep Me Afloat by Jennifer Gold Book review
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Keep Me Afloat by Jennifer Gold

Keep Me Afloat by Jennifer Gold Book review
Our coy of Keep Me Afloat by Jennifer Gold was provided by the author in exchange for our honest review.

Five years ago, Abby Fisher made the biggest mistake of her life. Now, she’s moved back home with her parents, hoping for a fresh start. But without a plan, and surrounded by people she’s hurt, moving on is harder than Abby imagined.


Abby knew she wanted to be a scientist from the moment she first saw sea water under a microscope. Now, she is a Marine Biologist whose been living her dream doing research in California. But when the research program runs out of funding, Abby doesn’t follow-up on the leads for other grants.

Finding herself back home in a small town on Washington’s Puget Sound, Abby’s job prospects are limited. There are whale watching tour companies, and a few science centers, but most of what’s available is volunteer. To start fresh, she’ll need to think creatively and establish a new network.


Even though Abby’s two best friends still live in town, they’ve gotten married, bought a house, and have careers. Being adrift emotionally and professionally, the strain Abby places on her friendships palpable. Even her parents seem to be less affectionate than five-years ago.

On top of this, she keeps running into people she hurt years ago. Unforgiving of her mistakes, Abby can’t help but wallow in what could have been. Knowing what she’s done, Abby doesn’t feel she deserves happiness – even though she longs for it.

Will she be able to reconcile her guilt? Or will the past swallow her whole?


I am really into this book!  Keep Me Afloat by Jennifer Gold reminds us that we must accept ourselves and our past in order to move forward. Sometimes confronting our biggest mistakes also provides the greatest rewards. Gold’s lively descriptions made me want to take a roadtrip up to the Puget Sound, go whale watching, and cozy up for a hot cocoa. is  is a reminder that life is unpredictable. A raw story of failure, sacrifice, and friendship – you’ll want to grab a copy to read on a rainy winter day.

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About the Author: Jennifer Gold

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Jennifer Gold writes book club fiction about the relationships of real, flawed women — love, past mistakes, redemption, and all the stuff in between. Critics at Booklist have called her characters “multifaceted” and her storylines “compelling” and “bittersweet.” Jenni is a travel-obsessed romantic and ambivert.

When she’s not writing, you can find her sipping coffee, enjoying the outdoors, or curled up with a book. She loves nature documentaries and realistic hopefully-ever-afters. Jenni lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two cats.

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