The Ingredients of Us by Jennifer Gold Book Review
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The Ingredients of Us by Jennifer Gold

The Ingredients of Us by Jennifer Gold Book Review
Special thanks to Jennifer Gold for our gifted review copy.

The Ingredients of Us by Jennifer Gold is right up my alley. Basically. if there’s a fiction book that centers around baking, I’m down to read it. A tale of adultery that centers around baking & recipes interwoven into the couple’s life really speaks to me. Usually, books that involve baking are fairly upbeat & magical. As I read the synopsis for Gold’s debut, I’m intrigued. The premise is pretty serious.

Recipes From The Heart

Can we talk about this cover for a minute? I’m in love! Check out that layer cake! It looks so delicious. Luckily, Jennifer Gold includes many recipes in The Ingredients of Us. Almost effortlessly, she weaves the recipes in to be truly part of the narrative rather than including them as an afterthought. Each recipe feels as though it truly belongs in the story.

Truly, The Ingredients of Us by Jennifer Gold really works for me. Don’t let the super cute cover fool you. Gold gets deep real quick. She uses alternating timelines that work well for the narrative. Readers are able to get snippets of the relationship pre, post & during the discovery of adultery. Also, I have to say I love the ending. Easily Gold can take the easy way out & wrap everything up with a pretty bow. I’m happy to say, she doesn’t! Her ending has me thinking & wanting to discuss it with fellow readers.


I am Really Into This book!

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Publication Date July 1, 2019

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The Ingredients of Us by Jennifer Gold Author Photo
Jennifer Gold

A proud Pacific Northwest native, Jennifer Gold got started writing women’s fiction during her time as a baker. She has a passion for writing about the relationships of career-focused women — the victories, the struggles, and everything in between.

When she’s not writing books, Jennifer can be found spending time with her husband, horse, and two cats. She has a weakness for espresso, ice cream, and chocolate. Jennifer holds a master’s degree in writing and lives in Washington state.

Momma, wife, baker, reader & smart ass. I am Really Into doughnuts, inside jokes, trash TV, pizza, 48 Hours & George Michael.

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