Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent Book Review Goodreads
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Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent Book Review

Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent Book Review

Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent Book Review Goodreads

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Publication Date June 12, 2018

From the international bestselling author of Unraveling Oliver, an “unputdownable psychological thriller with an ending that lingers long after turning the final page” (The Irish Times) about a Dublin family whose dark secrets and twisted relationships are suddenly revealed.

My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it.

On the surface, Lydia Fitzsimons has the perfect life—wife of a respected, successful judge, mother to a beloved son, mistress of a beautiful house in Dublin. That beautiful house, however, holds a secret. And when Lydia’s son, Laurence, discovers its secret, wheels are set in motion that lead to an increasingly claustrophobic and devastatingly dark climax.

Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent Book Review

I usually wait a bit before writing a book review so my mind can settle in. But, I cannot wait to talk to someone about Lying In Wait by Liz Nugent! What a crazy, dark, tense ride!

Many Twists, Dark & Intriguing

No spoilers here because the first line of the book is, “My husband did not mean to kill Annie Doyle, but the lying tramp deserved it.” Readers already know we are dealing with a murder. We know how they did it, but we aren’t really sure why. And check out the title, Lying In Wait, that means danger is lurking around the corner.  Well, my friend, you have no idea!

These characters though. My heart aches a bit for the son Laurence. His dad has money problems, but his mother definitely has bigger issues. I mean she doesn’t even leave the house & she’s super controlling. Laurence is overweight, a bit lonely, but smarter than we initially realize. At the same time, Liz gives us a look into Annie Doyle’s family.

Raw, Unlikable Characters

Lying In Wait introduces readers to some unsavory characters, but you know what, it totally matches the storyline. I don’t have to love the characters to be Into a story, I just need to feel a certain way about them. Liz makes sure to give us plenty of dirt on each character, so the reader may form his or her own opinion.


I am Really Into This book. While it’s a bit darker than my standard thriller fare, it’s a wild one. I think it will make a great movie or miniseries, so someone needs to get on that pronto!

If you’re looking for other dark & twisty book, maybe check out Mister Tender’s Girl by Carter Wilson.

Special thanks to Liz Nugent, Gallery Books & NetGalley for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

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About the Author: Liz Nugent

Lying in Wait by Liz Nugent Book Review Author Bio Liz Nugent
Liz Nugent

Liz Nugent lives and writes in Dublin, Ireland. She is an award winning writer of radio drama, children’s animation soap opera and television plays. Her second novel, Lying in Wait, is to be published in July 2016. Unusually for a writer, Liz likes neither cats nor coffee and does not own a Breton top.

Momma, wife, baker, reader & smart ass. I am Really Into doughnuts, inside jokes, trash TV, pizza, 48 Hours & George Michael.

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