Pie Hard by Kirsten Weiss Book Review Really Into This Blog Goodreads
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Pie Hard by Kirsten Weiss Book Review

Pie Hard by Kirsten Weiss Book Review Really Into This Blog Goodreads

Pie Hard by Kirsten Weiss Book Review

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Publication Date February 26, 2019

Business at the bakery may have slowed down, but Val Harris isn’t about to eat humble pie–not until a reality cooking show decides to whip the struggling Pie Town into shape. If Val can tolerate criticism from an abrasive pastry chef during filming, the free publicity might turn the unusual opportunity into the sweetest deal she didn’t know she needed.

Except no one in San Nicholas has an appetite for dessert once murder steals the spotlight. When the show’s bossy producer gets pushed to her death, Val and her flaky, septuagenarian pie crust expert, Charlene, follow crumbs in hopes of finding the killer. But with cameras still rolling and the shocking identity of the victim’s replacement a guaranteed recipe for disaster, Val needs to stay cool long enough to solve the crime and keep Pie Town from falling apart–or else she just might go up in smoke before she ever graces the small screen.

Pie Hard by Kirsten Weiss Book Review

A bakery, a quirky town, a murder mystery & a reality TV show? This book is made for me!

Standalone or Series

This is my first foray into the Pie Town Mystery Series by Kirsten Weiss. While I likely missed a bit of character development, the first few chapters catch me up nicely. I feel like I didn’t miss a beat reading it as a standalone That being said, Weiss is careful not to give away too many details. That way, readers can venture backward & read the series from the beginning.

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

Murder & baked goods- heck yes! While Pie Hard centers around a bakery, there’s not a flood of recipes or food talk. After reading Chocolate Cream Pie Murder, it was nice to take a break from the recipes & focus on the stories.

Kirsten Weiss fills the story with loads of twists & turns. While some of the surprises are a bit outrageous, I didn’t mind it. What I really want more of is Charlene. She’s a great sidekick to Val.


I am Really Into This book! Pie Hard is a great cozy mystery. Weiss hits my sweet tooth with all the baked goods but focuses enough on the murder mystery to keep me turning the pages. I’m looking forward to reading more of her books!

Special thanks to Kirsten Weiss & Kensington Books for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

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