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Street of Storytellers by Doug Wilhelm

Special thanks to Doug Wilhelm & Suzy Approved Book Tours for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

If all history books were written like Streets of Storytellers by Doug Wilhelm, everyone would have a lot more knowledge. This book takes me on a journey in the Middle East. I’m easily able to connect to the characters as I’m transported halfway across the world.

What’s this Book About?

The history of Pakistan, Afghanistan and surrounding areas is all over the news. Streets of Storytellers by Doug Wilhelm really takes a look at the history of the area is a way that is new and intriguing to me. The book explains the relationship between the different religious & extremist groups in a way that I can better understand how each group came to be. Wilhelm tells the story through the eyes of a young teenager and we see things through his lens. Through the young boy’s lens, he challenges blind faith in a way that is emotional, touching & relatable.

Wilhelm’s Writing is Excellent

Wilhelm is careful to not have a political agenda show. He makes sure not to say, this is right & this is wrong. If you’re thinking this book may be too heavy or political, it’s not. As much as it sounds like a history book, Doug’s writing just takes you on a journey where you want to learn more about this culture & people.
Doug Wilhelm really does a fantastic job describing the setting. I can see the bazaars and people selling goods, the colors, the smells – it lifts right off the page. David’s writing takes you so deep into the story with his visual representations of the characters, that I just get lost.


I am Really Into This book! Honestly, I had to stop my self from reading because I wanted to pace my self. You know a story is good when you don’t want it to end. As soon as I turned the last page, I wanted to continue it with this story.

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