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Swimming With Bridgeport Girls Book Review


Swimming With Bridgeport Girls Book Review

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Publication Date: July, 11 2017

Ray Parisi is in trouble. Fired from his anchor job at ESPN after one too many public humiliations, he is holed up in a motel and in desperate need of a break. His ex-wife is shacking up with another guy in his old house, a Cambodian bookie wants to kill him, and he’s wanted by the New York State Police. A few days before the Fourth of July, he unexpectedly receives an inheritance from his long-lost father, and it seems like all of his problems might be solved. Determined to get his life back together, Ray hatches an imaginative but highly suspect plan to win back his wife, dashing from Connecticut to Las Vegas to Memphis in an attempt to secure his future before the past runs him down. The cast of characters he meets along the way is as loveable as it is absolutely insane.

Swimming With Bridgeport Girls Book Review

Ray’s journey in SWBG‘s was utterly compulsive- with whip-smart writing; part humor, part heart;  this one makes for the perfect summer read!

The deck, if you’ll pardon my pun, is stacked against Ray. He is wanted by the New York state police for an incident involving a jockey, he’s lost his afternoon anchor job on ESPN and he’s living in an extended stay following the demise of his marriage. Those are just a few of the sorry circumstances Ray has found himself in. But has Lady Luck just come through for Ray? Without giving too much away, Ray receives a package that just might be the turning point he so desperately needs!!

So begins Ray’s plans to right all of his wrongs, and what a crazy, fun and heartbreaking ride this was. I laughed out loud so many times but I also sat contemplating Ray’s true motivations.  There is a sadness or perhaps desperation in Ray’s character that I completely connected with.  I mean, haven’t we all wished we could undo our past indiscretions–or at least try and make them right?  The flaw with Ray tends to be the path in which he chooses.  Of course, along this Viva Las Vegas journey to redeem himself he engages in more questionable behavior, keeping the reader on edge of their seat with anxious anticipation at how this will all turn out.   I was obsessed!!

Will Ray be able to pull off his plan to regain everything he’s lost? Or is the deck stacked too high against him? I am Totally Into everything about this hilarious and emotional adventure Anthony Tambakis took me on! Swimming With Bridgeport Girls has so much heart and Ray is nothing if not endearing.


I rooted for Ray, and I think you will, too!  I will be thinking about Ray for a long time to come.  Definitely, put this one high on your must-read list for summer 2017,  its the perfect lounge chair, poolside read!    ~~  Five Glowing Stars & Really Into It! Another great pool read is Kevin Kwan’s Rich People Problems.

Special thanks to Anthony Tambakis, Simon & Schuster & NetGalley for providing our copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

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About the Author: Anthony Tambakis

Simon & Schuster

Anthony Tambakis is the recipient of the Paul Bowles Fellowship for fiction writing and a renowned screenwriter. He is currently adapting the 1961 novel and film The Hustler for Broadway and penning the screenplay for Swimming with Bridgeport Girls, his first novel. A native of Fairfield, Connecticut, Tambakis lives in Venice, California.

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  • Nancy

    After reading your review, I want to follow Ray’s journey too! Sounds like a perfect summer read.

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