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Vanderpump Rules Season 8

Cast Vanderpump Rules Season 8
Vanderpump Rules Season 8 / Tommy Garcia/Bravo

We are so excited about Vanderpump Rules Season 8! As long-time fans, we can’t wait to see what the gang is up to! Jax & Brittany are married. Will Tom & Ariana talk more about marriage & kids? Stassi & Beau are engaged. Tequila Katie is at bay & Schwartz is a certified businessman. Lala & Randall settled their feud with Fofty (for now). Kristen is still Kristen. Raquel is now working at SUR (yawn), James Kennedy is still an outsider & a few new cast members are on deck. Did we forget anything? Oops, Scheana. Is she still living out in Marina Del Ray?

Thoughts on Vanderpump Rules Season 8

We are still very much into Vanderpump Rules, but I’m nervous. The gang is getting older & seems to be moving out & moving out. We’re not in Sandoval’s rent-controlled apartment anymore! The crew has legit fancy-ass houses & business ventures outside the show. Tom & Ariana just released a badass cocktail book. Kristen, Katie & Stassi have the Witches of Weho wine. Jax is buying people Christmas trees on Twitter. Stassi wrote a book & completed a big tour. I think there will still be plenty of drama, but this season has me feeling nostalgic. Is this the end?

Time will tell. All I know is I am ready for this season to start!

Vanderpump Rules Season 8 – Episode One

Lots of hookups, the gang is growing up & over half of them don’t even work for SUR anymore. This episode has us checking in at SUR for a bit and then heading to Katie & Schwartz’s place for a housewarming party. Let’s dive in.

Seeing this crew move out to the burbs is blowing my mind. Jax/Brittany, Sandoval/Ariana & Katie/Schwartz each bought new homes & they look exactly alike. Very Chip & Joanna, but I’m not mad at it. The homes are beautiful. Even Kristen bought a cute home. Too bad she is sharing it with that douchebag Carter. No surprise, Kristen is a hot ass mess. It’s very obvious she is big time struggling even with Stassi trying to give her some tough love. Meanwhile, Katie is just sick of it and screams at Kristen during the party. Oh, Katie. You’re fun. Bring out the Nerf gun full of Vodka & party for the love. I will say I love when Lala confronts Carter’s bum ass at the housewarming party. Lala Kent Vanderpump Rules Cross Necklaces

Man Drama Starring None Other Than Jax Taylor

Jax is demoting Sandoval to a groomsman because he missed the pre-bachelor party. How the hell is that even a thing? Jax is SO butthurt that Tom didn’t invite him over and hasn’t answered his texts. Of course, Jax wants him to check-in and send multiple texts to continuously congratulate him on his upcoming wedding.

I’m going to offer up my unsolicited deep thoughts on the matter. Basically, it boils down to Sandoval has always wanted to get married, have a house and have kids. Sandoval and Ariana are making a huge commitment by getting the house and co-writing their badass book Fancy AF Cocktails. There has to be a bit of Sandoval that is jealous of Jax. On the other hand, of course, Jax has to be a bit jealous of Sandvoal. Tom Tom is killing it while Jax is still pulling shifts behind the bar at SUR (for the camera). I really hope they can hash it out. What would Schwartz do as best man without Sandoval there?

New Cast – My Initial Thoughts

Initial thoughts in Dayna: she is awful. How many storylines is she trying to get? Hooking up with Peter, Max & who else?  I’m not mad at her for being sexually active but what is she expecting from these hook-ups. She gives Sceana shade at the party & I’m not about it. Also, the grown man Peter shows up to the housewarming party looking all thick with flat-ironed hair and he tries to make sure things are good between him and Dayna. Then Dayna compares him to a pirate and says they never kissed. WTH ever. She’s canceled –  for now. Max & I honestly can’t remember the new server’s name. He obviously made a great impression. Raquel’s pageant training prepared her for a career at SUR & I believe it.

The Highs & The Lows

Highs: Schwartz threatening to leave his own house when he hears Katie yelling.

Lows: Scheana being Scheana. Do you need a new Apple Watch?

Tom Schwartz MuuMuu Tom Sandoval onesie dancing


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