MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Episode Recaps
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MTV The Challenge: Total Madness

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Episode Recaps
MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Episode Recaps

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness

Well, we’re back with Season 35 of MTV The Challenge: Total Madness. In the past, I’ve recapped The Challenge before. This show just keeps drawing me back. After a little lull for me, last season had me so pumped with all the drama. Let’s do it.

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 1

Challenge: Pull a barrel with a rope, then onto a puzzle. Then, pull another barrel while TJ is trying to run over the barrels with a tank.

Winners: Rogan & Jenny

Tribunal: Rogan & Jenny select Cory. They select Kyle, Wes & Jay for elimination. The house votes in Asaf.

Hook-Ups & Drama: Nany & Asaf hook-up in the house. looks like Wes & Bananas will be working together this season!

Purgatory/Elimination: Air-Strike – Asaf & Jay hang from a suspended bar. Best 2 out of 3 wins. Jay’s rock climbing skills are put to good use as he makes easy work of it. Asaf is eliminated.

Red Skull: Jay wins the elimination, so he earns a red skull. TJ says no one gets into the final unless they earn a red skull through winning an elimination. This is a huge game-changer as we may see people flock to get into an elimination rather than running away from them.

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 2

Challenge: AirDrop Extraction Teams of three that will transfer heavy military crates that are a mile apart. The top 3 teams move on to Round 2. They will board a helicopter & make 9 passes to bomb a target on a missile launch platform. The team with the most accurate bombs wins to form the tribunal. Teams are selected at random.

Winners: Swaggy C, Dee & Cory hit 9 of 9 targets & they are the winners.

Tribunal: Swaggy C, Dee & Cory select Big T, Jenny & Tory for elimination. House votes in Jen.

Hook-Ups & Drama: Rogan is talking up Jen & Dee is not having it. Jen goes on to give likely the worst speech in Challenge history to try to save her ass. No matter, the house votes her in. Jen & Dee have some ridiculous drama over Rogan at the kitchen table. Tory really campaigns to Dee to get into the Elimination round since Jordan helped Dee win a final last year. Too bad Dee already promised Jenny she would put her through.

Purgatory/Elimination: TJ gives Dee the opportunity to vote for a female or to go into the elimination round herself. This would put her up against Jen wich would be great drama. But, she votes Jenny in to face Jen. Flip the Switch – There is a hallway of 10 barrels and the fastest to flip all the barrels over wins.

Red Skull: Without breaking a sweat, Jenny dominates & wins.

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 3

Challenge: Decode and Detonate  – Each contestant has their own puzzle board. There are decoding stations located in two locations. The first to solve the puzzles & detonate wins.

Winners: CT & Bayleigh win. They add Swaggy C to the Tribunal.

Tribunal: CT, Bayleigh & Swaggy C select Bear, Nelson & Rogan. House votes in Jay.

Hook-Ups & Drama: Dee wants to give Rogan a taste of his own medicine. Dee & Jay make-out in front of the house. Ashley & Bananas go toe to toe. Ashley campaigns hard to get Bananas voted in & it’s close between Bananas & Jay.  Wes does not vote for Bananas further proving their alliance. There are a lot of votes for Nelson too. Rogan & Jay get into it running their mouths. Watching Rogan try to argue with someone intelligent is hilarious.

Purgatory/Elimination: CT takes TJ up on his offer & takes the Purgatory spot for himself. He’s up against Jay. Take Shelter – each competition spends time trying to barricade their own bunker. Then, they switch bunkers & the first to break in & fully open the door wins. Jay & CT use ropes, chains, bricks & concrete blocks.

Red Skull: In a surprise match that is totally down to the wire, Jay wins & sends CT home. At this point, Jay has two red skulls & is the only male qualified to run in the final.


MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 4

Challenge: Cold War – Teams of 5 with 3 Divers & 2 Breakers. The divers dive into ice-cold water to get puzzle pieces. While two breakers from the opposing team are chipping away at ice blocks & putting them down a chute to make the water even colder. In the second round, Mattie & Melissa choose not to send more ice down the chute because their divers are up next. No matter because TJ pulls Kailah, Nelson & Dee out. Nelson heads to the ER with hypothermia. Cory, Kyle & Bayleigh quit.

Winners: Big T, Aneesa, Kaycee, Bananas & Bear – this is a 5 person Tribunal this week.

Tribunal: House votes in Ashley. The tribunal votes in Mattie, Tori & Dee.

Hook-Ups & Drama: Bear is really trying to get it in with Kailah. He does what any psychopath would do and lets loose a damn fire extinguisher in a bunker. Ashely is pissed & spits in his face. Can you blame her? Mattie is pissed at Ashley for spitting in his face saying it is disrespectful. Can you blame her? Then Ashely throws Mattie’s arrest record in her face & Nany tells Mattie to let it go.

Purgatory/Elimination: Code Breaker – Giant wheel with 5 rings with pictures of symbols. Basically it’s a big puzzle with these hanging pots & giant dice. Opponents roll the dice & break the hanging pots to find the symbols. Once you collect 5 symbols, you flip them over. The tiles have seasons of The Challenge on them & you have to arrange them in chronological order.

Red Skull: Wes is whispering the answers to Dee to try to help her & she pulls out the win.

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 5

Challenge: Bomb Squad – Random Teams of 4 with a goal to detonate a bomb. Each person has a job. Player 1 rides in a car and reads numbers hidden & communicates them to player 2 to solve. Once solved, they run the solution to the decoder who grabs 3 colored pipes. Player 3 runs these to the detonator to put them in order & hopefully detonates a bomb.

Winners: Swaggy C, Josh, Jenny & Kaycie win.

Tribunal: House votes in Jay again. Tribunal votes Nelson, Wes & Rogan. Wes definitely doesn’t fly under the radar in the tribunal as he calls out Josh for being the weakest player.

Hook-Ups & Drama: Bear is still trying so hard to hook-up with Kailah. Eventually, they wind up kissing. Wes & Jordan get into a tiff & Wes tries his best to vote Jordan into Elimination. Bananas tries to get Wes to relax so they can keep their “secret” alliance.

Purgatory/Elimination: TJ tells the guys, get it together because they don’t know how many chances they will have to earn a red skull. Tribunal votes Rogan into the Elimination. Fire Ball – it’s the classic challenge game, Balls In. Each competition gets three tries to get a ball into a basket. This time, the ball is on fire. Jay is on offense first & Rogan takes the opportunity to throw his to the ground. This episode ends with Jay laying on the ground & we don’t know if he’s hurt and/or how badly.

Red Skull: TBD

MTV The Challenge: Total Madness Episode 6

Red Skull: We pick up at the Fire Ball challenge. The medics say Jay has the wind knocked out of him so he faces Rogan twice more. Rather than take another hit, he attempts to shoot the ball into the basket & misses twice. When it’s his turn to play defense against Rogan, he is asking the same questions over & over. The medics come back & recommend a CT scan. He is not medically cleared to continue, so Rogan has the Red Skull by default.

Challenge: Fast & Furious: Inspired by the movie franchise, teams of 2 will be tethered & need to collect ten magnetized pieces. The put the puzzle together & the team that does it the fastest wins & chooses the Tribunal. Since Jay is out, one guy gets to go twice. Tori is pumped because she is really wanting a red skull.

Winners: Jordan & Nany win the challenge.

Tribunal: Jordan, Nany they select Jenna to join the Tribunal.

Hook-Ups & Drama: So much drama this episode. Honestly, it all surrounds guys being assholes. Zack is back home & avoiding Jenna. When she gets in touch with him he is pissed about some DMs two years ago when they weren’t even together. She’s wanting to go home & he’s being a total asshole to her. It’s really hard to see this behavior from him yet again. More on the drama front is Bear, Wes & Bananas. Since Kailah & Bear kissed last week, the three of them think it would be funny to make a bedroom suite dedicated to Kailah & Bear. Yet, they go too far posting pictured of Kailah & her live-in boyfriend on the ceiling. She freaks out & is pissed. It also seems like Bear didn’t realize the pictures were on the ceiling and he’s upset about this too.

Purgatory/Elimination: TBD

Red Skull: TBD


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