Book Cover Applied Electromagnetism Cover Reveal & Excerpt
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Applied Electromagnetism Cover Reveal & Excerpt

Book Cover Applied Electromagnetism Cover Reveal & Excerpt
Special thanks to Susannah Nix for our gifted review copy.

We are highlighting the 4th book in Susannah Nix’s Chemistry Lessons series, Applied Electromagnetism. Enjoy the excerpt & isn’t this cover gorgeous? This book publishes July 2nd, 2019 & you can read more about it here. All books in the series are rom-coms with HEA endings. Each can be read as a standalone.

Applied Electromagnetism Cover Reveal & Excerpt

A business trip with the office hottie turns into the road trip from hell.

Adam Cortinas may be gorgeous, but he’s made it clear he can’t stand Olivia—and the feeling is one hundred percent mutual. Too bad, because in order to bring the company’s new power plant online, they’re stuck with each other for the next week.

When their travel plans go horribly awry, Olivia finds herself stranded in the middle of nowhere with Adam, AKA the bane of her existence. 

He’s in her space and in her head. All the forced proximity is driving Olivia insane. That’s the only explanation for these FEELINGS she’s suddenly having. 

But it doesn’t change anything. They still hate each other.

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EXCERPT – Applied Electromagnetism Cover Reveal & Excerpt

Adam’s head swiveled her way. “Most embarrassing moment?”


This one was a no-brainer. “In third grade, Jenny Gleason made me laugh so hard I peed my pants in the lunchroom.”


“Poor third-grade Olivia.” 


“Yeah, it was horrifying. I’m still in therapy over it.” She stretched her leg out and nudged him with her big toe. “Why did you wait so long to have sex?”


“Is twenty-one a long time to wait?”


“It is for some people.”


He shrugged without quite meeting her eye. “I wanted to wait until I was with someone I cared about. I guess I wanted it to mean something.”


Olivia’s stomach tightened. She wished she’d waited like he had. Then maybe her memories of her first time would be something she could look back on fondly instead of this unpleasant stew of awkwardness and guilt. 


“Why do you wear so much makeup?” Adam asked.


A million different answers danced on the tip of her tongue. It would be easy to say something flip, or offer an easy half-truth. Instead, she told him the real reason: “Because I always feel like people don’t notice me otherwise. Like I blend into the furniture or something.” She tried to laugh, like it was no big deal rather than something rooted in her deepest insecurities, only it came out sounding hollow.


“I notice you,” he said. “Even without makeup. You always stand out to me.” 


It was possibly one of the most romantic things anyone had ever said to her. Even though he’d said it matter-of-factly, like it was just a mundane piece of information he was sharing. And maybe it was. Maybe he hadn’t meant it to be romantic, and Olivia was reading too much into it. 


Except his eyes. They were soft and serious, laser-focused on her with an intensity she definitely wasn’t imagining. The spark in his eyes burned bright enough to see even in the storm-filtered light, and it sent her stomach spinning into the outer reaches of the galaxy. 


He stretched his arm toward her, in what could be considered a completely innocuous way, like he was just trying to get more comfortable—except for the fact that his finger grazed the back of her hand. It was the lightest of barely-there touches, but it seared into her skin, leaving a stripe that felt permanent.










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