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Berry Blitz Torte Recipe King Arthur Bakealong

This Berry Blitz Torte is Ah-mazing.

Don’t be discouraged, my friends. I know this recipe is a bit intimidating, at least it was to me. But, it is worth the work & I can’t wait to make it again with fresh picked berries this summer. Check out the Bakealong Blog for the full recipe.

You make 2 basic cake recipes, top each of them with meringue & then sprinkle cinnamon, sugar & almonds. It;s several steps, but one piece at at time, right?

The pastry cream is my new favorite indulgence. You’ll want to whip it up first & chill it. I’m Really Into King Arthur Flour’s blog because they give me all the little tips that make my bakes even better. I’ve made pastry cream before, but now I know to place a layer of Saran wrap close to the top as it cools, so it doesn’t get that nasty film.

Friends, this pastry cream is to die for. I was nervous I would use too much & the cakes would topple over, so I sparingly applied it between the layers. That means I had a good amount left over and we ate off it for several days with all sorts of fresh fruit. I’m thinking I may just need to have the pasty cream on hand- all the time. I like to live dangerously…in elastic.

This torte was close to perfection, but the next time I make it I will pile the pastry cream on, the more, the better. I will also be more liberal with the berries. It seemed like I crammed a ton in there, but it could have used more. I also added one of my favorite ingredients, Nielsen Massey’s Vanilla Bean Paste & it adds so much flavor.

This torte was a hit with the entire family. If you haven’t tried the Bakealong Challenges from King Arthur Flour, give it a shot. I look forward to it every month & this one is a keeper for sure.

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