• Berry Pavlova Recipe Captain America Shield
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    Berry Pavlova Recipe

    This Berry Pavlova Recipe is a Summer Staple Back in the day, I was terrified of meringues. They seem so finicky, right? Well, I’m here to let you know that this Berry Pavlova Recipe is adapted from the GBBO Queen, Mary Berry! To clarify, it means this recipe is simple, precise & easy to follow. Best yet, it tastes delicious. A Few Tips To Ensure The Meringue for Your Berry Pavlova Recipe is Perfect First, you have to start with a clean bowl. Even if it’s clean, clean it again, Any oils or soap residue will mess up your egg whites. Next, you have to use real eggs. This may…

  • Hoffman Farms Store Really Into This Schools Beaverton Oregon
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    Hoffman Farms Store

    Hoffman Farms Store Hours vary based on season Located at 22242 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Beaverton, OR 97007 Every once in a while you happen upon a place that is a game changer. For us, that’s Hoffman Farms Store. This summer we discovered our new favorite family-run farm. Honestly, we are there SO much that it’s wild I haven’t written a post about it before now. But once their fall offerings got rolling, I knew I had to highlight it! So, here’s my love letter to Hoffman Farms Store! Berry Picking Zen We are a family of berry pickers, there is no doubt about that. Every season, we hit the…

  • Super Easy Shortcake Recipe Hood Strawberries Really Into This Blog
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    Super Easy Shortcake Recipe

    Super Easy Shortcake Recipe I am in love with this super easy shortcake recipe. I’ve made a few different types of shortcakes over the years & this is the winner! The best part is, it takes less than 30 minutes from start to finish. My crew enjoys a light, buttery & smooth shortcake. I go into to shortcake mode when it’s strawberry season & I make loads of them. I totally need to make them more often. Annabelle eats them plain & I can’t blame her. They are damn good. This super easy shortcake recipe features pastry flour, but you can totally use all-purpose. Just be sure to use a little…

  • Strawberry Buttermilk Layer Cake Recipe Rosettes Topless Baker Really Into This Blog
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    Strawberry Buttermilk Layer Cake Recipe

    Strawberry Buttermilk Layer Cake Recipe Traditions go hard with my crew. My dad’s birthday is in April & every year he gets a cake with pink icing. He says it started with my Grandmother having red & green food coloring left over from Christmas cookies, so when it came time to bake him a birthday cake, she went with the red & a cake with pale pink icing was born. Now, he expects a pink iced cake. We’ve strayed from the tradition on a few different traditions & I have to admit, it doesn’t feel the same without that bright, pink icing juxtaposed against his gruff exterior. This year, I wanted to change…

  • Raspberry Hand Pie Recipe Really Into This Blog Final Decorated
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    Raspberry Hand Pie Recipe

    Raspberry Hand Pie Recipe Oh, Valentine’s Day. You haven’t always been good to me, but I try to love you anyway. First, I never got one of those ugly carnations in middle school. Yes, it’s true. The boys were not lining up to buy me $1 flowers in the lunchroom. No worries. I’m totally (not) over it. Who the hell wants carnations anyway? Another year, I had a romantic Valentine’s dinner after a shopping rendezvous. Nevermind the dinner consisted of eating a heart-shaped pizza with my parents after hitting up the mall. I got some sweet carpenter jeans out of the deal & realized I like Supreme Pizzas. A few years…

  • Cranberry Orange Babka Recipe Really Into This Blog King Arthur Flour Pinterest Flourish
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    Cranberry Orange Babka Recipe

    Cranberry Orange Babka Recipe Cranberry Orange Babka Recipe found at King Arthur Flour. What makes a babka a babka? I know that a babka is an enriched dough, but what really makes it a babka instead of just a loaf of tasty bread? Stuff like this bugs me, so I had to look it up. Let’s head to the source: Wikipedia. What is a Babka? Evidently, there are two types of babkas. Both are named after “grandmother” but one is made in a bundt type of pan, often with pleats to represents Grandmother’s skirt. The babka I’m talking about today contains a dough that is doubled, then twisted & rises…

  • Grandbaby Cakes Blueberry Crumble Bars Recipe Really Into This
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    Grandbaby Cakes Blueberry Crumble Bars Recipe

    Blueberries are just so wonderful. They’re chock full of antioxidants, healthy & my daughter can eat a pint a day if we let her. I especially love baking with blueberries. In the summer, my Grandma & I baked dozens upon dozens of blueberry muffins & I loved every second of it. What’s your favorite thing to bake with blueberries? Introduction to Grandbaby Cakes Honestly, I cannot remember how I stumbled upon Jocelyn Delk Adams aka Grandbaby Cakes, but I sure am glad I found her. Grandbaby Cake’s Red Velvet Cake recipe is my favorite red velvet cake of all time.This is a big deal as I am a certified red velvet cake…

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    Joy the Baker Berry Fruit Crisp Recipe

    I have been making this Joy the Baker Berry Fruit Crisp Recipe since it arrived in my inbox from my girl, Joy the Baker. It NEVER gets old. Years later & it’s still a hit every time. This Joy the Baker Berry Fruit Crisp Recipe is perfect for parties, perfect for sleepovers, perfect for a midnight snack, perfect for breakfast- did I mention it’s perfect? Perhaps the best thing about this crisp is that it is so incredibly easy. Seriously, it’s butter, flour, brown sugar, oats, some spices & that’s it. If you’re a berry lover like us, this is best with fresh berries. Anytime we pick fresh berries, this crisp…

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    Berry Blitz Torte Recipe King Arthur Bakealong

    This Berry Blitz Torte is Ah-mazing. Don’t be discouraged, my friends. I know this recipe is a bit intimidating, at least it was to me. But, it is worth the work & I can’t wait to make it again with fresh picked berries this summer. Check out the Bakealong Blog for the full recipe. You make 2 basic cake recipes, top each of them with meringue & then sprinkle cinnamon, sugar & almonds. It;s several steps, but one piece at at time, right? The pastry cream is my new favorite indulgence. You’ll want to whip it up first & chill it. I’m Really Into King Arthur Flour’s blog because they…

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    The Best Red Velvet Cake

    My whole family is Really Into this Red Velvet Cake from Jocelyn Delk Adams, the creator of Grandbaby Cakes. I consider myself a Red Velvet Cake connoisseur & this recipe is my favorite of all time. I planned to have this up for y’all before Valentine’s Day, but I was too busy eating it to finish the post in time. I’ve made tons of Red Velvet cakes over the years & this one is moist, (Sorry, Jessica) tasty, light & great for a layer or sheet cake as well as cupcakes. It’s also super easy to whip up. Now, the Blackberry Cream Cheese Icing is so tasty. The whipped icing is lighter and…

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