Everything You Need to Know About The Bridgerton TV Series
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Bridgerton on Netflix

Let’s talk about Bridgerton on Netflix! The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn is a long-beloved historical romance series. Earlier this year, we heard Shonda Rhimes was bringing the long adored series to Netflix & we’ve been chatting about it for months. Laura is a long-time fan of the series & Sarah is new to the series. Here we are chatting about what you can expect from the show & how it compares to the books. 

Do I Need To Read The Books Before Watching Bridgerton on Netflix?

Laura: The series follows mostly The Duke and I. The series sets up the brother’s books about how Anthony is a rake, Benedict an artist and the Colin and Penelope storyline. There are two major spoilers from book 4 and 5 (Romancing Mr. Bridgerton & To Sir Phillip, With Love).  If you hate being spoiled, then I encourage you to read up to book 5 (To Sir Phillip, With Love).  Book 6-8 is for the younger siblings and they are too young in the first season.

Sarah: I’m only on Book 2 (The Viscount Who Loved Me) & I just love it! The books are a quick read. I actually like watching a show or movie before the book as it helps me set the characters in my head. As long as you follow Laura’s advice, you’re good. 

Laura: Book 2 (The Viscount Who Loved Me) is AMAZING. I love Kate and I can’t wait to see how she is portrayed in the series. The series has a few easter eggs from The Viscount Who Loved Me such as the inclusion of bees and pocket watch and Anthony shares his intention to find a Viscountess at the end of the first season. I’m guessing Season 2 is going to be all about Anthony’s story. 

Sarah: Oh, the bees & pocket watch! Yes, such great touches. I am ready for more Bridgertons on Netflix now! Let’s hope Netflix is on the ball & renews it!

How Much Sex Does it Have?

Sarah: A damn good amount! Bridgerton is definitely not a great watch with kids. The sex scenes are sensual, pretty open door, a few bare asses & all fit the narrative. Our fellow open door romance fans will just love it!

Laura: So much. I think there was more sex in the series in comparison to the books. It was so much fun! 

Lady Danbury & Simon Bridgerton on Netflix
Bridgerton on Netflix / Netflix

How Closely Does Bridgerton on Netflix Follow the Book Series?

Laura: I think it follows The Duke and I closely. Yes, there were some updates including the scene. To be honest I was hoping for a different third act conflict.  Overall, the first season of the show is set close to the book’s plot.

Sarah: I know what you mean. I kept telling Derek that I couldn’t wait to get to that part because I wanted to see if they changed it. No spoilers, but you’ll know the part we are talking about with Simon, Daphne & consent within a marriage. I was hoping for a change from the book too. But, I thought they handled the fall out from it a bit better in the TV series. Seeing how that choice changed their marriage & hearing them talk it out made it a bit better for me but it still makes me groan. 

Queen Charlotte Bridgerton

How About The Casting Choices?

Laura: I really loved Simon, Lady Danbury, and Queen Charlotte casting. Simon was dreamy! Lady Danbury was remarkable and I can’t wait to meet more of her family (future books). 

Sarah: I am loving that Lords & Ladies of 19th century Britain society are fully integrated. A character explains that Queen Charlotte is a person of color & of course I went on a deep dive into British royal history. Honestly, I hope we see an even more diverse cast as Bridgerton on Netflix continues. 

Who Are Your Favorite Characters?

Sarah: I fell in love with Simon & Daphne & the entire Bridgerton family the first time I listened to The Duke & I. Yet, as soon as I started with The Viscount Who Loved Me, I fell in love with Anthony & Kate! I will say, seeing the characters come to life is such a blast! Anthony in the books is just as I pictured him & Simon is even better than I could imagine. Eloise in the TV series is just the best too!

Laura:  I really loved watching Anthony as a rake. I think he will make a better-reformed rake. Colin is my favorite Bridgerton in the books but he has a lot of growing up in the Netflix series. I love Penelope and her friendship with Eloise. 

Sarah: Yes, love the friendship between Eloise & Penelope. Also, love that Colin is your favorite. That makes me want to read his book immediately! 

Colin Bridgerton

Can We Talk About Those Costumes & Music?

Laura: I absolutely loved it. I loved that Penelope was wearing those awful colors which are portrayed in the series. I also want to shout out the music for the show.

Sarah: Oh, the music! Yes! Symphony music is all contemporary songs. I loved listening & trying to figure out exactly what song is playing. Such a great touch. The costumes are so swoon-worthy. All of the sets are just incredible. It was like watching Downton Abbey but in color! I want to watch it again just for the costumes & set design. 

Our Final Thoughts on Bridgerton on Netflix

Laura:  I really loved the series.  I am more excited for Anthony’s story and season 2. 

Sarah: I really loved it too. Honestly, I expected to love it & I am just obsessed with it at this point. I can’t wait for more! 

Everything You Need to Know About The Bridgerton TV Series

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  • Jonetta (Ejaygirl) | Blue Mood Café

    Excellent overview, ladies! You’ve done the books and the TV series justice. I binge watched it over two days (had to pause because of hubby) and plan to rewatch it.

    I’m ashamed to admit I didn’t realize the symphonies were contemporary music until I recognized Shawn Mendes’ In My Blood. Now I want to go back and listen more carefully.

    I loved everything about the production. Can’t wait until Season #2.

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