• Everything You Need to Know About The Bridgerton TV Series
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    Bridgerton on Netflix

    Let’s talk about Bridgerton on Netflix! The Bridgertons by Julia Quinn is a long-beloved historical romance series. Earlier this year, we heard Shonda Rhimes was bringing the long adored series to Netflix & we’ve been chatting about it for months. Laura is a long-time fan of the series & Sarah is new to the series. Here we are chatting about what you can expect from the show & how it compares to the books.  Do I Need To Read The Books Before Watching Bridgerton on Netflix? Laura: The series follows mostly The Duke and I. The series sets up the brother’s books about how Anthony is a rake, Benedict an…

  • Best Baking Shows on Netflix Listicle
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    Best Netflix Baking Shows

    Best Baking Shows on Netflix Nailed It! Obviously this is our #1 Pick for the Best Baking Shows on Netflix. We’ve been obsessed since DAY ONE! Family-friendly & everyone in the family loves it. We have watched each season so many times that we have quotes from contestants we say around the house all the time. Jacques Torres & Nicole Byer have great chemistry. These two are just phenomenal and have such a blast together. Home bakers can actually learn from the contestant’s mistakes. Not too long ago, we made cake pops & I swear my daughter quoted Jacque’s tips verbatim. Nailed It! is so fun, colorful & hilarious &…

  • Tiger King Promo Photo Netflix
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    5 Reasons We’re All Obsessed with Joe Exotic: Tiger King

    5 Reasons We’re All Obsessed with Joe Exotic: Tiger King If you haven’t watched Tiger King on Netflix, you need to get on it. Now, I’m a fan of the Wondery podcast, Over My Dead Body. On Season 2, the podcast highlights Joe Exotic. While the podcast is great, seeing the story come to life with a reality film crew is unreal. You truly have to see Tiger King to believe it! You can’t make this shit up. Here are 5 Reasons We’re All Obsessed with Joe Exotic: Tiger King. Beware: there are a few spoilers below. Reason 1: We Know People Like Joe Exotic Joe Exotic is trashy, loud,…

  • Tidying Up on Netflix Really Into This
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    Tidying Up on Netflix

    Tidying Up on Netflix Each year, I start the New Year purge & the ramping up of organization. Let’s be honest, it’s a short-lived process. My kids are total hoarders, we are a family of collectors & I am terribly sentimental. This lends itself to a home filled with photos, drawings, Funkos, old T-shirts & boxes of stuff that I will keep indefinitely. Enter, Tidying Up on Netflix. We watched it, we tidied & we learned a thing or two about our house in the process. I’m here to highlight the positives about the method & also mention the things that do not work for me. The Folding Is Legit…

  • Imposters Season 2 Really Into This
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    Imposters Season 2

    Imposters Season 2 Sarah is a Bravo TV addict, and when Imposters came on she gave it a shot right off the bat.  She loved it…enough to write this blog post to tell everyone about it.  She kept telling me that I needed to watch it, I kept agreeing and putting it off.  Then I was sick one weekend decided to try it out, and I watched the entire season in one day.  Imposters is great – suspenseful, mysterious and surprising, and it is well acted and a surprising addition to the Bravo line up. With Imposters Season 2 underway, we thought we would do a quick recap and discussion…

  • Nailed It on Netflix Really Into This Blog Jacques Torres Nicole Byer
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    Nailed It on Netflix

    Nailed It on Netflix Released March 9, 2018 About Nailed It: Home bakers with a terrible track record take a crack at re-creating edible masterpieces for a $10,000 prize. It’s part reality contest, part hot mess. The show stars Nicole Byer as host & Jacques Torres as the head judge. Each 30-minute episode features a guest judge as well as two baking challenges. If you’re not watching Nailed It on Netflix, what are you waiting for? Fresh off Season 15 of Top Chef, I am in desperate need of a new food competition series. Nailed It is just what I need. The show is funny, heartwarming & you’ll learn a thing…

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    All Hail Queen Mary! I am completely and totally obsessed with Reign, an original CW show, but I discovered it via Netflix. This drama is filled with romance, battles, murder, revenge, and a little comedy. There are so many twists and turns throughout the show that it will have your mind reeling! I finally finished watching and I am heartbroken over the thought of a Reign-less life. I need it and I love it, but sadly the CW was only able to do four seasons. So, to reminisce on my love for Reign, here are five reasons why YOU should be obsessed as well: 1. Ruthless and Fearless Queens: Mary…

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    Super monsters, super nice car, super hot guys. That’s Supernatural (filmed in Vancouver) and what more could you ask for? The CW’s hit show about evil-hunting brothers has been hot and non-stop since 2005…12 years strong and I’m still loving it. I discovered Supernatural in 8th grade courtesy of my bestie, Meg, who had season 1 on DVD. I never got past the first episode so I always knew how the story began, and over the next several years I would watch random episodes as they came on TV. A year and a half ago I decided I wanted to watch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, and I began my Netflix journey.…

  • Really Into This Fall TV 2017
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    Fall TV 2017

    The weather is changing, football is on and Halloween is approaching, which can only mean one thing: The Fall TV 2017 season is here!  Every year we get excited going over the list of shows to find out when our favorites are returning and see which new shows look promising. There is A LOT of TV on right now.  Lucky for you, we did our research and we have our top picks for new shows and our what we can’t wait to come back. Fall TV 2017: New Shows The Deuce  Who? James Franco in a dual role, Maggie Gyllenhaal What? The Deuce is the story of the legitimization of the…

  • Archie Comics Riverdale Really Into This
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    Season 2 of Riverdale airs October 11th, 2017 on The CW Riverdale is an American teen drama show that’s based on the characters from Archie Comics. Riverdale‘s first season consists of 13 episodes & it premiered January 26, 2017. Why are We Really Into Riverdale? Sarah: Teen Vogue is obsessed with Riverdale. I’m serious. I get their e-mail updates & at least 1/3 of them are about Riverdale. Tired of missing out on the party, I jumped into Riverdale a few weeks ago. I was hooked from the first episode. Riverdale is a cross between Veronica Mars & Gossip Girl, but with the characters we know & kind of remember from the Archie…

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