Audiobook Review Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow
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Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow

Audiobook Review Catch and Kill by Ronan FarrowAhhhhhh, Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow is fantastic. One of the most riveting, frustrating & captivating reads of my life.

I knew I wanted to read Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow. Yet, I thought to myself I already know the story. I know these men are scum, I know these women were violated & I know NBC & other Hollywood execs & business covered for the men for far too long. There isn’t much I don’t already know, right? Well, there is plenty more to the story.

Ronan is such a wonderful investigative journalist. He really brings the women’s stories to the forefront. There are many pieces of the story that just make me sick. But, this is so important to hear.

Audiobook Wins Out

I chose the audiobook & Ronan Farrow narrates. Overall, I really enjoyed his narration. Every once in awhile Ronan would do an accent that would throw me off. I would roll my eyes a bit & keep going.


Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow is easily a five-star read for me. Read this if you’re a fan of the news, enjoy true crime and/or want to support investigative journalism. These stories need to be told. I’m thankful & I believe women. Be sure to check out Bad Blood by John Carreyou after you read this one. If you’re looking for another true crime read, Chase Darkness With Me by Billy Jensen is a great choice! 

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