Book Review Well Met by Jen De Luca
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Well Met by Jen DeLuca

Book Review Well Met by Jen De Luca
Special thanks to Berkley Romance for providing our copy of Well Met by Jen De Luca in exchange for an honest & fair review.

I loved Well Met by Jen DeLuca SO much. This book is cozy, cute, funny, clever & a hell of a lot of fun.

Gateway Drug to All the Romance

I read a lot of cozy mysteries & cuddly romances. I feel like Well Met is a gateway drug to all the other cozy romance books. Of course, this is a huge compliment. While romance is a huge genre, many people are reluctant to read it. I know because I was once of those readers.

Since I’m a reformed romance reader, I’m always looking for books to nudge people further into the genre. Well Met by Jen DeLuca is that type of book. There is something so endearing, satisfying & wonderfully entertaining about this book. While reading it, I’m smiling & enjoying every page. I feel like this review pales in comparison to my actual love for the book. Forgive me. Just, READ THIS BOOK!

I loved all the relationships in Well Met by Jen DeLuca. Sisters, aunt & niece, enemies to lovers – all during a small town Renaissance Festival. The sense of community within the story is huge. Whenever I feel that I automatically connect to the book more. This is another reason why I am so excited that Jen is writing a continuation of this series. For me, this book is like a breath of fresh air.


All the stars & Well Met by Jen DeLuca is one of my favorites of 2019. Some of my other favorite romances of 2019 are An Alaskan Christmas, The Lemon Sisters & The Friend Zone.

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