Aubiobook Review Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen
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Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen

Aubiobook Review Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen
I listened to Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen on Audible.

Even though I have the print version of Chase Darkness with Me by Billy Jensen, I chose the audio. Billy is such a great narrator. I’ve heard his voice on so many podcasts and interviews that I feel comfortable with him. I think that the level of comfort comes through in his narration. I feel like I am in conversation with him & that makes Chase Darkness With Me a very easy listen. I’m listening to my friend Billy tell me about himself.

Things I Loved

1. All the Disney stuff. Billy has a Disney tattoo, I see his Disney pics on the Gram and I love that he loves it!
2. Billy painted his room black and his dad helped him. I love this on so many levels I will not elaborate because this review would be 4 pages long. There’s so much to this: love, acceptance, etc.
3. I loved hearing about geoprofiling and how that helps solve cases. This is fascinating.
4. Billy is such a great writer and an amazing investigative journalist. I love how he advocates for victims.
5. Billy talking about his relationship with his Dad is just the best. He nurtured his love for true crime and I loved hearing about their relationship.


This is a true-crime standard as of the day it was published. Chase Darkness With Me is such a great book & I can’t wait to read, see, listen to more from Billy Jensen. This is also our inaugural selection for our Monthly True Crime Reads on Instagram. Another great true crime audiobook is Catch & Kill by Ronan Farrow.

Let’s connect over books! Check out all of our reviews on Goodreads. You can try Audible here – there are lots of great true crime titles. One of my all time favorites is I’ll Be Gone in The Dark. It’s a perfect companion read to Billy’s book.

The lowdown on Chase Darkness With Me by Billy Jensen from Goodreads


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