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    Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup Recipe

    Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup Recipe Just like laundry is The Neverending Story as adults, what’s for dinner is the neverending question. Like, seriously, what IS for dinner tonight? If you’re like me, getting in a rut is easy. Honestly, I really try to make fairly healthy, filling dinners that leave us with leftovers a few times a week. Saturdays are my recipe trial nights & the last few weeks, I am totally uninspired. Last year was all about Blue Apron, Plated & Purple Carrot, but I’m in cash saving mode. Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat My friend Michelle, from Daily Waffle, continues to inspire me with her cooking. A cookbook she…

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    Freshly Review

    Freshly Review Soon after the birth of my second child, I realized two things. The first is that it is possible to function on two hours of sleep for months at a time, all-be-it poorly. I actually forgot my NAME! The second is that no matter how hard I tried to cook, I simply couldn’t find the energy or time. And let’s be honest, the last thing a sleep deprived person needs to be around is sharp knives, boiling water and a flaming hot burner. It’s like a bad episode of Mr. Magoo. Add to it the stress of also having another child to take care of and you’ve got…

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