• Supernova Smash Card Game Review
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    Super Nova Smash

    You can support Super Nova Smash via Kickstarter!  Several weeks ago, we were introduced to the super cool card game, Super Nova Smash. Basically, it’s a card game paired with your mobile app & it’s a race to the finish line. The cards are beautifully created with really bright colors. The free app is wild too! While racing/playing with friends, the smartphone guides & directs you through challenges, roadblocks & distractions. The more you play, you develop strategies. That’s what is cool. We played games with adults & with kids (ages 8 & up) & it’s a blast for everyone. What is Super Nova Smash? Super Nova Smash! is a…

  • Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Delivery Review
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    Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Delivery Review

    Purple Carrot Plant-Based Meal Delivery Review We are all about the meal delivery plans. Long ago, Jessica told me all about Blue Apron & Plated. My friend Cassandra raves about Freshly & Jessica is giving Hello Fresh a try very soon! You get it. We like the convenience of someone else picking out recipes & having the ingredients delivered straight to our door. While I love my Blue Apron & Plated meals, I really wanted to try Purple Carrot.  Years ago, I ate a Vegan diet for about 8 weeks. While I felt great, I ran out of recipes SUPER fast, so it was a challenge to keep the veggies creative, tasty…

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    Freshly Review

    Freshly Review Soon after the birth of my second child, I realized two things. The first is that it is possible to function on two hours of sleep for months at a time, all-be-it poorly. I actually forgot my NAME! The second is that no matter how hard I tried to cook, I simply couldn’t find the energy or time. And let’s be honest, the last thing a sleep deprived person needs to be around is sharp knives, boiling water and a flaming hot burner. It’s like a bad episode of Mr. Magoo. Add to it the stress of also having another child to take care of and you’ve got…

  • Blue Apron's Chickpea & Cauliflower Tagine with Couscous & Pita Chips Instagram
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    Blue Apron’s Chickpea & Cauliflower Tagine with Couscous & Pita Chips

    Blue Apron’s Chickpea & Cauliflower Tagine with Couscous & Pita Chips A few weeks ago, my husband tells me he is no longer eating meat. Evidently, watching a lot of Netflix documentaries about factory farms will do that to a person. It’s not a huge deal to me as I’m not a big meat lover anyway. Not only is he not eating meat, but he’s limiting all animal products; like 99% Vegan. That’s cool with me, but, we have kids! One of our favorite weeknight recipes is Lemon Chicken, or Spaghetti & Meatballs. The first week, I wasn’t stressing. Sure, I can cook some Vegetarian-ish meals, Come Week Two, I’m like,…

  • SAF Red Instant Yeast Really Into This Blog King Arthur Flour
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    SAF Red Instant Yeast

    SAF Red Instant Yeast This is a blog post about yeast. Exciting, huh? Well, this is going to be the best-damned post about yeast you’ve ever read, so buckle up, my friend! We’ve all seen those little tiny tearaway packets of yeast at the grocery store, right?  There are usually 3 per pack and they look like very large condom wrappers. For years, this is the yeast I used. I would make homemade pizza dough with the same ingredients, same temperature & each one would come out differently. One would be fine, another would be dense & the other would get thrown away. It is so frustrating! Anyone who bakes puts…

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    Grove Collaborative Review

    Grove Collaborative Review I, like many others, am concerned about what I bring into my home.  There are so many products out there today that claim to be “all natural” or “plant-derived”, but what does that really mean?  I pay special attention to cleaning products because they are filled with the most unnecessary chemicals.  Recently I saw a Facebook ad for Grove Collaborative, an online store focused on healthy, natural cleaning products.  I instantly recognized some of the brands I use, and there was a free gift with purchase, so I decided to give it a try. About Grove Collaborative Grove Collaborative is a company based out of San Francisco…

  • Gingerbread Waffles Recipe King Arthur Flour Really Into This Blog Pinterest
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    Gingerbread Waffles

    Gingerbread Waffles Winter is quickly approaching, and we like to welcome the cold morning with the warm, spicy flavor of Gingerbread Waffles. Now, If you’re not Really Into Gingerbread, still give these a go. While these are Gingerbread Waffles, the flavor is not overpowering. If you like your Gingerbread to have some kick to it, then add some more ginger to the mix. Either way, these are a wonderful addition to your holiday baking or even your morning routine. Now, my daughter is Really Into molasses. I’m not kidding. Anytime I pull the molasses out of the cupboard, an alarm goes off & she comes running. She will eat (or drink)…

  • Chantecaille Skincare Review Really Into This Blog
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    Chantecaille Skincare Review

      Let’s get started with this Chantecaille Skincare Review. First, I have to admit that I am the furthest thing from a beauty expert. The truth is, my makeup usually expires before I use half of it. I depend on my girlfriends for the newest recommendations on all things beauty. I’m also known to peruse the Nordstrom beauty counter for samples & new products, which is where I discovered Chantecaille. Dry, Sensitive, Acne Prone Skin To say that I have dry, sensitive skin is an understatement. I’ve spent years trying to find a moisturizer that actually works. When I moved up to Portland, Oregon a few years ago, my skin…

  • Brandless Review
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    Brandless Review

    Brandless Review I am all about convenience, especially when it comes to shopping.  I work quite a bit, so having to spend my precious little free time at the grocery store is not appealing.  The reason why I LOVE using Plated is because it not only saves me time, it gives me some variety and quality product. When I first saw an ad for Brandless, I was immediately intrigued and I knew I had to do a Brandless Review.  How could I resist an ironic trademark brand name Brandless?? What Is Brandless? Brandless is just what it sounds like: products sold without a brand name.  What instantly caught my attention was,…

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    SmashMallows We are Really Into snacking.  We are Really Into trying new snacks (hello Lay’s Do Us A Flavor).  When we go on a camping trip, we basically eat only snacks the whole time.  So when Sarah and I made a trip into town while camping because we needed mustard for our hot dogs, naturally we bought a couple of snacks.  When we saw fancy flavored marshmallows in the checkout line, we knew we had to try them.  The hardest part was picking two flavors of SmashMallows.  Even Sarah and I have limits. What is a SmashMallow? SmashMallows are gourmet, flavored marshmallows made in Sonoma, California.   They are made…

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