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Creed II


Creed II

Creed II is in theatres November 20, 2018

I cannot wait for this movie! My wife bought tickets for our whole family to go see it on opening night. As soon as I watched the first Creed, I hoped Stallone would go with the storyline of a Drago match.  Well, the day is here & I’m ready!

You Don’t Know Rocky?

This afternoon, I reminded my daughter we’re seeing Creed II on opening night. I’m still in shock over this, but she asked me what the movie was about. Now, I know my daughter has not only seen the first Creed movie but the entire Rocky movie franchise. You can’t be in our house & not know Rocky. I watch it every time it’s on TV.

My mistake is assuming she fully understands the depth & soul that surrounds Rocky Balboa. This is a long, detailed & classic movie franchise. If you’re not a die-hard fan, you might be overwhelmed. If everyone can watch the series from the beginning, undoubtedly, that’s the best choice. This evening, I had to give her a breakdown of the Rocky/Creed essentials. It dawned on me, she may not be alone.

If you have time to watch two films, Rocky IV & Creed will set you straight. But, time is money. Quickly, I will lay out everything you need to know before watching Creed II. (Spoilers below)

It Starts With Rocky IV

I highly recommend watching Rocky IV prior to Creed II. In the film, past rivals Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed are now good friends. Apollo comes out of retirement for an exhibition match against an unknown Russian fighter, named Ivan Drago. With Rocky’s help and training to prepare for the match, Apollo squares off with the Russian. During the second round of the fight, Drago punches Apollo and send him to the mat. This scene is crushing. Rocky rushes into the ring. While holding his friend, Apollo dies in his arms.

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Rocky then goes on a mission to avenge his friend’s death. He travels to Russia and challenges Drago to a boxing match. While he is preparing for the fight you are treated to the best training montage ever. Please see my post of the Rocky IV soundtrack on this epic scene.

Then Comes Creed

Adonis Creed is a child born from an affair. Prior to his death, Apollo fathered a child unbeknownst to his wife. Adonis is orphaned and is eventually adopted by Apollo Creed’s widow. She goes on to raise him. As a young adult, Adonis decides he wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and become a boxer. Sliding under the radar, he heads to Philadelphia and asks the retired Rocky Balboa to train him. Initially, he does not use his famous last name.


After much convincing, Rocky agrees to train Adonis. Eventually, Andonis lands a big fight against an English Champ, Ricky Conlan. We are then treated to a great throwback training montage of Adonis training in Philidelphia. As a true boxing fan, I really enjoy & appreciate this scene. In the end, Adonis does win his fight & earns the respect that comes with his name.

What to Expect for Creed II

You’re caught up at this point to watch Creed II, but I want to give you a little more background. Ivan Drago’s son, Viktor, challenges Adonis to a fight. Now, think about that. Viktor is the son of the man who killed your father & he wants to fight you.

Based on the trailer, Rocky doesn’t want him to take the fight. Adonis has a new baby, a dedicated life partner & everything to lose. It’s a retelling in many ways of Rocky IV & a way to avenge the death of his father. This storyline runs deep for many fans & I can’t wait to see it on the screen.


Check back for my full review, but I have no doubt this will be an amazing movie!

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