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Rocky IV Soundtrack

Rocky IV Soundtrack

Come 5 AM at the gym, there are several different artists & albums that I am Really Into. It’s not easy to get motivated that early in the morning. So, I rely on a few favorites. One of those is the Rocky IV Soundtrack.

There are days when that gangsta rap gets my blood boiling. Tupac is my go-to. Other days, I prefer that Dirty South vibe. Those days I go hard with Scarface, Lil Keke, UGK and so on. But there’s something about the Rocky IV Soundtrack that lights the fire within.

The Soundtrack of ALL Soundtracks

The Rocky IV Soundtrack is always a constant in my playlist. When I need that extreme and intense focus before I start to assault the weights, it gets me there. There is nothing, and I mean nothing that gears me up more than the Rocky IV soundtrack.

I feel as if I burn an additional 500 calories when listing to this soundtrack in the gym.  Songs like ‘Hearts on Fire’ & ‘Burning Heart’ help me push myself to limits that pain the ordinary gym patron. At times I envision as if I am preparing for war. I see myself running through snow and up mountains. In my mind, I’m grinding out my workout in a cabin in the middle of nowhere surrounded by snow.

On a rough day, when I feel there is no way I can finish my last set, I think of how Rocky overcame and defeated Drago. I am getting psyched right now just thinking about tomorrow’s workout.


I am Really Into This Rocky IV soundtrack! Try to listen to it and not imagine yourself in the montage scene. I can’t wait to check out the soundtrack for Creed II.

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