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Cast Photo Downton Abbey Movie The Downton Abbey Movie is in theaters September 19, 2019.

I considered taking the day off of work in celebration of this long-awaited movie. But, my girlfriend snagged us sneak preview tickets to see see the Downton Abbey Movie last week, and I LOVED it!

Didn’t see the Downton Abbey TV show?

Never fear! Before the movie begins, Phyllis Logan and Jim Carter (who play Mrs. Hughes, the Housekeeper and Mr. Carson, the Butler) give a CliffNotes summary of the entire show. Downton Abbey, aired for six seasons from 2010-2015, so there is a lot of drama to cover in under 10 minutes!


This afternoon, my colleague mentioned he’d never seen Downton Abbey. I’m still in shock over this. You can’t be in our house & not know everything about this show. I watch it on a rotating loop time on Amazon Prime. So, I took this as an educational moment to share what I love most about this show.

It is a beautifully crafted piece of historical fiction that portrays a way of life that was rapidly changing in the early part of the 20th century. The characters are both despicable and endearing, drawing you into their joys and trials.


The King and Queen are coming to Downton

The movie opens with the Earl of Grantham receiving word that the Kind and Queen of England will be visiting Downton. The family and staff are elated to show off their hospitality and community. And so, the preparations begin to ready the house for the royal guests.

However, the excitement surrounding the preparations is tempered by anxiety. The royal family is sending their staff ahead of time to ensure the stay is to their liking. The clash of personalities between our beloved characters and the snobby newcomers is understandable, none more so than cook, Mrs. Patmore and the royal chef, Monsieur Courbet. Y’all know we love food, so god help us if someone comes and takes over my kitchen!


Just when anxiety is reaching a peak in the household, Lady Mary realizes her longtime friend and retired Butler, Mr. Carson, is the answer. Of course, the honor of managing a royal visit is too tempting to pass up, and so Carson swoops in to join the Downton Abbey crew in preparations.

Everyone is witty

Maggie Smith is hand’s down my favorite character. Her witty remarks, adamant refusal to admit wrong, stunning wardrobes, and general badass-ness warm my heart. And the Downton Abbey Movie is no exception – she is as charmingly stubborn and clever as ever.

Isobel: “I see a Machiavellian look in your eye.”
Dowager: “Machiavelli is frequently underrated. He had many qualities.”

It seems nearly every character has a zinger that earns a few laughs. And though some remarks are biting, others are comical and even slightly out of character.


Stories wrapped up neatly

If fans wondering at the end of season six were wondering, “what’s next?” The answer, as many anticipated, is the Downton Abbey Movie is used to tie up loose ends. There is little drama in the movie (hardly any disagreement between sisters Mary and Edith!). Instead, we’re rewarded with breathtaking views of Downton Abbey (in reality, Highclere Castle) and everyone’s life is taking a turn for the best by the end of the film.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Those of us who loved the show want these members of our extended family (let’s be honest, that’s what they are) to be happy. Which means weddings are announced, feelings professed, and positivity reigns.



I am really into the Downton Abbey Movie. No doubt, I’ll be seeing it again… and again. It’s bubblegum quality of sweetness is just what you need on a rainy fall day.

Are you planning to see it? If so, please let me know what you think!

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