• Cast Photo Downton Abbey Movie
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    Downton Abbey Movie

    The Downton Abbey Movie is in theaters September 19, 2019. I considered taking the day off of work in celebration of this long-awaited movie. But, my girlfriend snagged us sneak preview tickets to see see the Downton Abbey Movie last week, and I LOVED it! Didn’t see the Downton Abbey TV show? Never fear! Before the movie begins, Phyllis Logan and Jim Carter (who play Mrs. Hughes, the Housekeeper and Mr. Carson, the Butler) give a CliffNotes summary of the entire show. Downton Abbey, aired for six seasons from 2010-2015, so there is a lot of drama to cover in under 10 minutes! via GIPHY This afternoon, my colleague mentioned…

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    I wasn’t going to write a post on why I am Really Into the Disney movie Moana, but I have to. I just can’t quit it & I don’t want to. The reason I have to write this post is that there are people that have not seen this movie. I will admit it. I did not see Moana in the theaters. Disney movies are wonderful, but I was still in a Frozen hangover. Several months back, one of my Facebook friends said she loved Moana more than Frozen & I thought she was out of her mind. No way could Moana be better. Moana is better than Frozen Frozen was a…

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    Wonder Woman Movie Review: Go See it!

    Wonder Woman Movie Review: Go See it! Spoiler alert: I LOVED this movie. Please go see it, so we can talk about it. I’m going to give you the quickest rundown ever because lets face it, there are plenty other ‘reviews’ that are likely way better than mine. First thing: ANN WOLFE. Baby D & I have followed Ann Wolfe for almost 2 decades. She’s a boxing trainer from our home town of Austin, Texas. She’s a total bad-ass, hard-ass, tough as nails, damn good fighter, she’s the picture of perseverance, dedication & hard work.   Ann was initially homeless when she moved to Austin, TX, decided she wanted to box,…

  • The Power Rangers Movie Really Into This
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    The Power Rangers Movie

    The Power Rangers Movie I had no intention of seeing this movie. I watched Power Rangers as a kid, but I never got Really Into it. My five-year old son on the other hand, loves the Power Rangers. For Christmas he asked for a Gold Power Ranger costume, a Red Ranger Power Sword & a new Megazord after his last one finally broke. He gets lost in these toys, lost in the movies, acts out the scenes; you could say he’s Really Into it. My five-year-old son is also diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. When he gets Into something, we all follow suit. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (still know the words),…

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    Beauty & the Beast

    Beauty & the Beast SARAH: It’s here! We are Really Into Beauty & the Beast & have been anxiously awaiting the newest film for what seems like forever. It’s time to see our old friends Gaston, Lumière, LeFou, Maurice, Mrs. Potts & Chip, Cogsworth, Beast & Belle. The build up for this film is huge & I’m sure it will be stellar. Bailey, Annabelle & I splurged on the opening night Fan Event at Regal Cinemas. There is supposed to be special on screen version of “Beauty & the Beast” by Ariana Grande & John Legend as well as giveaways, themed concessions & more. As you can tell, we are…

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