Flour Hour Podcast with Amanda Faber & Jeremiah Duarte Bills
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Flour Hour Podcast with Amanda Faber & Jeremiah Duarte Bills

Flour Hour Podcast with Amanda Faber & Jeremiah Duarte Bills Hosts
Flour Hour Podcast | Amanda Faber & Jeremiah Duarte Bills

Flour Hour Podcast with Amanda Faber & Jeremiah Duarte Bills

You may remember Amanda Faber & Jeremiah Duarte Bills from the last season of The Great American Baking Show. Amanda was the winner of her season of The Great American Baking Show, but Jeremiah was the Technical King. These two bakers have undeniable chemistry & I’m thrilled to see them enjoying a new baking venture together.

Recaps & Interviews with Bakers

The first episodes offer listeners an inside look at the GABS. Amanda & Jeremiah relive their days in the tent & interview Nick Bryan  & Father Kyle from the most recent season. It was especially fun to hear their thoughts on Paul Holywood as a judge this season. Had I been baking in the tent, I would have swooned over Paul’s baby blues but missed Mary Berry.

Just like Amanda & Jeremiah, I was devastated to learn of ABC pulling the plug of the remaining episodes of GABS. I know all the bakers put their heart into this show & not to see the full episodes air is so disappointing.

Luckily, listeners get to catch up with Antoinette from last season. I love this episode! Antoinette is so incredibly passionate about sharing her love of baking. Amanda states she needs a picture of Antoinette up in her kitchen to inspire her & I completely agree. Antoinette offered some great tips for making macarons in the Southern heat as well!

Baking Tips, Techniques & Recipe Ideas

Amanda & Jeremiah introduced me to Phillip from Southern Fatty. You know those Little Debbie Christmas Cakes? Well, he made his own & the recipe is here! Aren’t they amazing? He’s a Nashville based food blogger & he can sure bake. This episode was particularly inspiring to me because Jessica & I love our bakes with some liquor. Remember my White Russian Cake & Jessica’s Manhattan Cocktail Cake? Phillip & Amanda both like to bake with bourbon & I love more about where bakers get his or her inspiration. Next episode, I’m taking notes!

I’m not sure about you but my holidays (and weekends) are filled with baking. One of the greatest things about social media is being able to connect with my fellow bakers. Bouncing ideas off other bakers & figuring out techniques is so much fun! Flour Hour Podcast gives listeners a chance to ask questions like; butter vs. margarine, tips for enriched doughs, etc. This format also allows for Amanda & Jeremiah to expand on their favorite bakes. You already know I’m a total baking nerd, so I eat this up like candy (or divinity to be more specific)!


Flour Hour is a podcast completely dedicated to baking; of course, I am Really Into It! The joy & energy Amanda & Jeremiah bring to the world of baking is undeniable. I am a proud & loyal listener!

About the Hosts:

Flour Hour Podcast with Jeremiah Duarte Bills
Jeremiah Duarte Bills

Jeremiah Duarte Bills: Jeremiah Duarte Bills comes from a dessert-obsessed family. Growing up close to his Portuguese heritage, he began baking in college to connect to his Portuguese roots. After his first trip to Portugal, he fell in love with the country’s dessert and baking traditions. In 2016 he appeared on ABC’s The Great American Baking Show where he baked many Portuguese recipes. This experience connected him to people all over the world hungry to learn about Portuguese dessert recipes. He has collaborated and created recipes for many Portuguese American companies including UMA CASA Restaurant, Ginja9 Cherry Liqueur, and Rooster Camisa. Jeremiah’s background is in music. He attended the world-famous Juilliard School and performed as an orchestral flutist all over the world. He lives in Sacramento, California where he keeps bees, teaches aspiring flute and piano students, and of course, bakes.


Flour Hour Podcast with Amanda Faber Twitter
Amanda Faber | Twitter

Amanda Faber: Hello! This place is casual, sweet, and indulgent…just like me! Hehe. You can expect a lot of baking with some art and love sprinkled in. I was one of the bakers on ABC’s The Great American Baking Show…and I won! It will be forever surreal. Thank you for swinging by. For orders in Atlanta or general inquiries, please email: amanda.e.faber@hotmail.com





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