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Someone Knows Something Podcast

Someone Knows Something Podcast Really Into This
CBC Radio

Fresh off my Dirty John Podcast binge, I was jonesing for a new true crime listen. Luckily, I found the Someone Knows Something Podcast from CBC Radio. The host, David Ridgen, focuses on cold cases & listeners are along for the ride as he travels down every rabbit hole to try to get some answers. If you’re like me and Really Into 48 Hours or Dateline, then you’re bound to be intrigued by Someone Knows Something.

Someone Knows Something just released its third season. The host, David Ridgen is lovable, trustworthy & sensitive to the victim’s families. His delivery is professional, yet vulnerable. Ridgen gives everything he has to these cases & listeners fall in love with his candor. True crime lovers, be prepared to say goodbye to your chores & hello to your earbuds.

Someone Knows Something Podcast – Season 1 – Adrien McNaughton

drien McNaughton Someone Knows Something Podcast Season 1 Really Into This Blog
CBC Radio

In 1972, five-year-old Adrien McNaughton disappeared without a trace on a fishing trip with his father. To this day, there are no clues as to Adrien’s whereabouts. David Ridgen is from the same Eastern Ontario community as the McNaughton family. His familiarity with the area really enhances his narration. Ridgen is able to develop trust with the family & the locals as he investigates the case with a fresh set of eyes & newer technology.

Perhaps what makes this season so memorable is the bond formed between Ridgen & the McNaughton family. While Ridgen asks difficult questions & brings up painful memories, he does it all with a tenderness that’s meaningful & honest. CBC & Ridgen truly do everything they can to find any new information about Adrien. At times, I held my breath, clenched my fist & wiped away tears. Ridgen is a true storyteller for the McNaughton family.

Someone Knows Something Podcast – Season 2 – Sheryl Sheppard

Sheryl Sheppard CBC Radio Someone Knows Something Podcast Really Into This
CBC Radio

Season 2 finds listeners learning about the disappearance of Sheryl Shepphard in Hamilton, Ontario. First, we meet Sheryl’s mother, Odette Fisher as she recounts the day Sheryl went missing. In 1998, Odette was to pick Sheryl up at a train station, but Sheryl never showed. Odette traveled back home & still no Sheryl. Soon, Odette learns from Sheryl’s fiancee, Michael Lavoie, that he hasn’t seen Sheryl in 2 days.

Michael Lavoie is the only suspect in the case & David Ridgen wastes no time investigating Michael & Sheryl’s relationship. We learn he proposed on television & supposedly Sheryl looked uncomfortable throughout the televised appearance. Ridgen even brings in an expert to attempt to decode Sheryl’s body language during the taped encounter. Although Sheryl worked at a Tim Horton’s doughnut shop when she disappeared, at one time she was an exotic dancer. Ridgen points out that the media likely did no favors for the case as reporters often referenced Sheryl’s dancing background when discussing the case.

Whereas Season 1 felt tender, melancholy & devastating, Season 2 is a bit grittier. Lavoie is a shady, suspicious character at best. The more we learn about Lavoie, the more dread & sorrow listeners feel for the Shepherd family. The conclusion of Season 2 finds David Ridgen speaking to Michael Lavoie.

Someone Knows Something Podcast – Season 3 – Dee & Moore

I haven’t listened to Season 3 yet, but it’s next on my list. Here’s the lowdown from CBC:

Season 3 In 1964, the partial remains of two black teenagers — Charles Moore and Henry Dee — were pulled from a backwater of the Mississippi River. Brutally murdered by the Ku Klux Klan, no one was ever convicted. In one of his first ever cold case investigations, Someone Knows Something host David Ridgen joins victim’s brother Thomas Moore, as he returns to Mississippi 40 years later to discover the truth, confront the Klansmen involved, and find justice.

I do know Season 3 results in a grand jury & conviction, so that’s enticing enough for me.

Someone Knows Something Podcast – Season 4 – Wayne Greavette

From CBC: When a package arrived in the mail at Wayne Greavette’s home, it seemed like an early gift for the holidays. Inside was a wrapped present and a typewritten letter addressed to him, with the postscript: “Have a very Merry Christmas and may you never have to buy another flashlight.” When Wayne turned the flashlight on, it exploded, killing him instantly. Over 20 years later, the case remains unsolved, leaving Wayne’s widow and children consumed with finding the culprit. Along with SKS host David Ridgen, the Greavette family investigates.

This season is really emotional, dark & tough at times. This crime is just so awful for everyone involved.

Someone Knows Something Podcast – Season 5 – Kerrie Brown

From CBC: On October 16, 1986, 15-year-old Kerrie Brown disappeared from a house party. Her body was discovered less than 40 hours later in a wooded area outside of town. In Season 5 of Someone Knows Something, David Ridgen travels to Thompson, a mining town in northern Manitoba. Together with Kerrie’s older brother Trevor, David speaks to witnesses as well as suspects, and uncovers some shocking new evidence that may help the case move forward.


I am Really Into The Someone Knows Something Podcast from CBC Radio. While I do enjoy true crime investigative journalism, I think it’s Really important to remember these are real people with families & loved ones. David Ridgen knows this & he treats each of these cases with integrity. Much like S-Town, listeners travel along the investigation without knowing where the story ends. There are a few extra episodes like this Prologue that let the listeners “inside” the making of the podcast as we learn more about Ridgen’s decision to move forward with the podcast. Initially, he was reluctant, but after much thought, he moved forward with the Adrien McNaughton case. I am so glad he did.

What podcasts are you Really Into? Have you listened to Someone Knows Something? If so, what did you think?

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  • Graham Clayton

    In regard to the Adrien McNaughton disappearance, a 5 year old can move pretty quickly, and they are also small, which means that they can easily be hidden behind trees, logs and other natural features. I think that Adrien wandered away, died of exposure, and his body was scavenged by wild animals.

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