Hoffman Farms Store Really Into This Schools Beaverton Oregon
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Hoffman Farms Store

Hoffman Farms Store Fall 2018 Really Into This Blog
Hoffman Farms Store Fall 2018

Hoffman Farms Store

Hours vary based on season

Located at 22242 SW Scholls Ferry Rd, Beaverton, OR 97007

Every once in a while you happen upon a place that is a game changer. For us, that’s Hoffman Farms Store. This summer we discovered our new favorite family-run farm. Honestly, we are there SO much that it’s wild I haven’t written a post about it before now. But once their fall offerings got rolling, I knew I had to highlight it! So, here’s my love letter to Hoffman Farms Store!

Berry Picking Zen

We are a family of berry pickers, there is no doubt about that. Every season, we hit the field with our buckets & pick until we can’t pick anymore. Most of the time, we are right back in the field the next day. There is something so therapeutic & satisfying about seeing an empty bucket fill up because you worked!

Hoffman Farms Store Really Into This Hood Strawberry U-Pick
Hoffman Farms Store | Hood Strawberry U-Pick

This season we happened upon a new berry picking spot, Hoffman Farms Store. First, the fields are clean & beautiful. Strawberry picking is no joke. You’ve got to get your butt right on the ground and pick. Hoffman features large strawberry rows, so the picking is easy! There were also wood type chips in between the rows to soak up some of the water so you aren’t stuck picking in a mud pit. As someone who HAS picked in a mud pit, I truly appreciate this!

Hoffman Farms Store Really Into This Blackberries U-Pick
Hoffman Farms Store | Blackberries U-Pick

Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry, Blueberry & More

Berry season LASTS as Hoffman. In mid-September & we picked Triple Crown blackberries & this week we picked Aurora’s & Elliott blueberries! Hoffman features rows and rows of blackberries & blueberries throughout the summer.

Hoffman Farms Store Really Into This Blueberries
Hoffman Farms Store | Blueberries

I love how they manage the fields. If a portion is getting close to over picked, they close it to let the berries catch up. This is better for the plants and honestly, its better for picking, You want to pick a row filled with berries, right? That way you can leave with a wagon like this!

Hoffman Farms Store Really Into This U-Pick Berries
Hoffman Farms Store | U-Pick Berries

Milkshake Heaven

Hoffman Farms Store features a truly delightful farm store. During each part of the season, they feature a seasonal milkshake. Many summer mornings we picked & our breakfast was a strawberry milkshake. Now that’s Oregon living done right!

Hoffman Farms Store Really Into This Berry Milkshake
Hoffman Farms Store | Berry Milkshake

For fall, they’ve got a super tasty Pumpkin Milkshake. This Shake features an ENTIRE PIECE OF PUMPKIN PIE! TO say its tasty is the understatement of the century. This year Hoffman is also featuring a caramel apple shake. I tried it as well & it is unbelievably delicious!

Hoffman Farms Store Caramel Apple Milkshake Apple Cider Doughnut Really Into This Blog
Hoffman Farms Store | Caramel Apple Milkshake & Farm House Doughnuts

Pies, Turnovers & More Treats

Speaking of pies, the store sells delicious pies made on the property. I mean, check out this case full of baked goods! One of our favorites is the Sour Cream Marionberry Pie. A few weeks back, my Dad bought a small pie & I ate half of it. The berries are sweet, but a little tart & the crust is just crisp & buttery. Hoffman features pies of all flavors and all sizes. The hand pies are really good too. They are a perfect & filling treat after picking!

Check out the picture above for a peek at the Farm House Doughnuts. They are so tasty!!

Hoffman Farms Store Fall Bakery Pies Really Into This Blog
Hoffman Farms Store | Bakery Case

Bring The Kids

The farm is a great place to bring the kids. Many weekends there are food trucks parked on the property. Also, there are tractor rides, a playground for kids & we’ve even spotted a bounce house! Hoffman also boasts a large courtyard type area where you can enjoy your food on a huge picnic table in the sun or in the shade. It’s such a great spot to spend a few hours. Check out this piece of farm equipment turned into a play feature!

Hoffman Farms Store Tractor Playground Really Into This Blog
Hoffman Farms Store | Playground

One of the coolest things Hoffman does is their corn stall. Since the farm isn’t open all the time in the fall, they leave a stall of corn near the road. It’s on the honor system. But those commuting & those who cannot make it to the farm before close can pick up sweet corn. What a fantastic deal & so thoughtful of Hoffman Farms.

Hoffman Farms Store Really Into This Schools Beaverton Oregon
Hoffman Farms Store


I am Really Into This! Hoffman Farms Store is such a huge part of our family now. The owners even know us. We keep going back because everyone is so welcoming, the berries are plentiful, the shakes are amazing, the farm is stunning & we always have such a great time!

I use Hoffman Farms Store strawberries to make these super tasty shortcakes!

Hoffman Farms Store Really Into This Blog
Happy Customers at Hoffman Farms Store


Hoffman Farms Store is a family farming operation and we are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality crop possible while maintaining a safe, and clean environment. The farm is located at 22242 SW Scholls Ferry Road in Beaverton, Oregon 97007.

Our farm-fresh pies are simply amazing! We use an old family recipe and berries grown on our farm to create the most delicious pies and turnovers. We bake weekly in our on-farm bakery – to reserve a pie ahead of time, click here to visit our online store. Dairy Free and Vegan options are available and just as delicious!

Yes! We do accept bulk orders – our mini pies are famous at weddings and birthday parties! Email us at hello@hoffmanfarmsstore.com to place your order.

We are also at the Lake Oswego Farmer’s Market every Saturday with a selection of our pies – come say hello! Our booth is on the roundabout near the fountain.

To stay up to date on upcoming events and crop conditions at Hoffman Farms Store please “like” our Facebook Page!

Hoffman Farms Store | Fall 2018

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