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Really Into Podcasts: The 3 Knockdown Rule & The Ross Report

Really Into Podcasts: The 3 Knockdown Rule & The Ross Report

Those who know me well enough will tell you that I am Really Into boxing and wrestling. I subscribe to HBO and Showtime specifically to watch boxing. I’m also a proud member of the WWE universe, and subscribe to the WWE Network to watch all their PPV’s and other great wrestling content. I like to share with you two separate podcasts that I am Really Into that provides great boxing and wrestling news and updates.

One of my favorite boxing podcasts is titled “The 3 Knockdown Rule” featuring Steve Kim (my favorite boxing news man ) & Mario Lopez ( Slater from Saved by the Bell ), & it is a great listen.  The podcast is usually around thirty minutes long & there is usually a weekly episode. So if you’re a casual fight fan or just interested in getting really good current boxing news, this is the podcast for you. It’s very entertaining & keeps me laughing. They have some guests, like Jim Lampley & Freddie Roach & I especially value Steve’s opinions on current boxing affairs. I’m Really Into this podcast & I really look forward to listening to every week.

Another podcast I’m Really Into is the “Jim Ross Report”.  Jim Ross is one of my all time favorite wrestling commentators, from the WWE attitude era. This is another weekly podcast where he gives his take on current wrestling news & interviews individuals that at one time or another worked in the wrestling business. The interviews are great because they are a fun & entertaining perspective of what goes on behind the scenes of the world of sports entertainment, which leads to some great and very funny stories that the interviews share. One of my favorite recent episodes featured X-Pac who was with NWO & DX. They got into the WCW & WWF crossover & it was cool to hear about wrestling from the Monday Night Wars. I recommend this podcast every wrestling fan, from any era of wrestling because he covers it all.

The 3 Knockdown Rule     The Ross Report


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  • Sarah Slusher

    OMG- Derek you know your stuff. You’ve shown me how to love the sport of boxing, but I’m still getting Into wrestling. Awesome post!

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