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Top Chef Season 14 Finale & Last Chance Kitchen

Top Chef Season 14 Finale & Last Chance Kitchen

See below for updates!

We are Really Into Top Chef in our house.  We have watched every season and know all the past characters, which is what has made this season fantastic!

This season was old vs new with 8 “cheftestants” returning from previous seasons and 8 new chefs.  You quickly see what an amazing advantage it is to have already been through the process, and I have to admit I would not be happy if I were one of the new guys who finally got my chance on Top Chef and I had to go against seasoned vets (pun intended).  As the viewer, I was ecstatic!  It was great to watch some of my favorites, and some of my least favorites (I’m looking at you Katsuji), come back to compete.

This season was set in Charleston, South Carolina, and I was Really Into seeing the food culture there.  There was barbecue, fresh seafood and some down home southern cooking.  One of my favorite things about Top Chef is they take you to different places around our country and show their story told through their recipes.  Of course I loved Top Chef Texas, though the could have spent a lot more time in Austin.

It is also time to vote for fan favorite.  I think Sheldon is a shoe in!  But I also really liked Casey and Jim and it was hard for me to choose.  Luckily they let you vote 40 times!  I’m excited for any one of these chefs to win some much needed cash.

Tonight is the first episode of the finale, and the announcement of the winner of Last Chance Kitchen who will rejoin the competition.  If you haven’t been watching LCK, you still have time to catch up!  Go to the Bravo website and watch all the episodes (they go quick)!  I won’t tell you who I’m rooting for, but whoever wins will join the other chefs in Mexico.  I can’t wait to see what the challenge will be!

Tune in tonight!!

Update:  We will miss Casey, but Brooke is a great competitor and I am sure she deserved her win.  I believe in Tom!  Tonight we have Sheldon, Shirley and Brooke – a great last three!  I would have probably guessed these three at the beginning of the season.  They all deserve to be here and I can’t wait to watch them cook.  Turned out that pairing up with Katsuji was the kiss of death for John, as we all thought it would be.  John, you were much better this year, but I still think we have the right people here.  we are excited for another night in Mexico!



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