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Strawberry Buttermilk Layer Cake Recipe

Strawberry Buttermilk Layer Cake Recipe

Traditions go hard with my crew. My dad’s birthday is in April & every year he gets a cake with pink icing. He says it started with my Grandmother having red & green food coloring left over from Christmas cookies, so when it came time to bake him a birthday cake, she went with the red & a cake with pale pink icing was born.

Now, he expects a pink iced cake. We’ve strayed from the tradition on a few different traditions & I have to admit, it doesn’t feel the same without that bright, pink icing juxtaposed against his gruff exterior.

This year, I wanted to change up the pink. You’ve heard me mention my buddy, Amanda Faber of & Flour Hour Podcast fame a few times in my blog posts. I get such wonderful baking inspiration from her. She spurred the idea of trying something new with the icing.

Dehydrated Strawberries are Where It’s At!

I read about Amanda using dehydrated strawberries in a buttercream icing to provide flavor. The dehydrated strawberries can also provide a natural alternative to dye. While I loved the idea of this, I had no idea how to execute it. Armed with dehydrated strawberries from Trader Joe’s I messaged Amanda for some tips. She recommended to grind them up and be sure to sift them before adding to the icing mixture. Guess what, the winner of The Great American Baking Show knows what she is talking about.

The icing is fantastic! I’ve made buttercream icing with fresh strawberries and with fresh strawberry jam, but the dehydrated strawberries packed some intense flavor. I’m all about it!

Buttermilk is my Jam

The next component of my cake was the actual cake. This Strawberry Buttermilk Layer Cake Recipe centers around the icing, so the cake needs to complement the flavor. I decided to go with a buttermilk cake that is sweet, but not overpowering. The buttermilk cake is super tasty, but not too rich, so it is a great pairing for the heavier strawberry buttercream.

Since I can’t leave well enough alone, I felt the need to add another component to this cake & that component is jam! Now, I’ve made a jam of sorts from fresh strawberries before & while it was enjoyable, Bonne Maman has me beat big time. No sweat. I will stay in my lane & stick to baking.


I am Really Into This Strawberry Buttermilk Layer Cake Recipe. My dad loved it! Also, I already brought it to a work party & everyone enjoyed it!

Help me think of some other combos! I gotta be more adventurous & try new things!


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