• Everything Cheddar Filled Braid Recipe Really Into This Blog
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    Everything Cheddar Filled Braid Recipe

    Everything Cheddar Filled Braid Recipe A while ago, Jessica told me about Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend. Have you heard of it? Basically, someone scraped all the tasty stuff off an Everything Bagel & bottled it. To be honest, it looked suspicious, but oh my gosh- it is so satisfying! As soon as I opened my bottle of the Everything but the Bagel Sesame Seasoning Blend, I ate a bagel a day. I already told all our Instagram friends about it. My daughter may have caught me eating it by the handful a time (or two).  It’s garlic filled & salty. Just trust me, the stuff is good. Let’s…

  • Classic Challah Bakealong with King Arthur Flour Bread Challah Really Into This Blog
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    Classic Challah Bakealong with King Arthur Flour

    Classic Challah Bakealong with King Arthur Flour I’ve been wanting to bake some Challah bread for what seems like forever. I just love the sweet, rich dough enriched with lots of eggs & a little sweetness. It’s one of my favorite bread. And man, can it make some delicious French Toast! So why haven’t I made it sooner? The answer: I am scared of the braid. Bakealong with King Arthur Flour I love taking part in the King Arthur Flour Bakealong Challenges, so when I saw Challah was on deck for January I jumped at the chance to make it. Making the dough is the easy part. Years ago, I switched…

  • Cranberry Orange Babka Recipe Really Into This Blog King Arthur Flour Pinterest Flourish
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    Cranberry Orange Babka Recipe

    Cranberry Orange Babka Recipe Cranberry Orange Babka Recipe found at King Arthur Flour. What makes a babka a babka? I know that a babka is an enriched dough, but what really makes it a babka instead of just a loaf of tasty bread? Stuff like this bugs me, so I had to look it up. Let’s head to the source: Wikipedia. What is a Babka? Evidently, there are two types of babkas. Both are named after “grandmother” but one is made in a bundt type of pan, often with pleats to represents Grandmother’s skirt. The babka I’m talking about today contains a dough that is doubled, then twisted & rises…

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    Cinnamon Star Bread Bakealong with King Arthur Flour

    This Cinnamon Star Bread Bakealong with King Arthur Flour is a gamechanger. Sure, it looks beautiful, but the flavor of the dough is unreal. Does this bake look intimidating? Yes. Is it too difficult for even the most novice baker? Absolutely not. About the Bakealong Challenge Have you ever tried a bakealong challenge with King Arthur Flour? They are so much fun. King Arthur Flour has a blog as well, named Flourish. On the blog, the bakers have detailed instructions with step by step photos to help guide bakers at every level. Need a little more help? No worries, King Arthur Flour has you covered with the Baker’s Hotline. Remember when I made…

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    Parker House Rolls

    Parker House Rolls Recipe This year we spent Thanksgiving at Mark’s sister and brother in law’s house.  This meant that we didn’t have to do the heavy lifting when it came to cooking, so we brought over a few items.  One of the sides we were tasked with was rolls.  As a general rule, I do not like Texas Roadhouse, but you can’t deny their rolls.  I was going to pick some up the night before Thanksgiving, but I just didn’t make it.  I woke up Thursday morning with a desperate need for rolls.  This recipe for Parker House rolls on the Food Network fit all of my criteria –…

  • Chocolate Babka Bakealong: Challenge #9 Really Into This
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    Chocolate Babka Bakealong: Challenge #9

    This Chocolate Babka Bakealong Challenge about damn near killed me & I had only myself to blame.  Last month I made the Berry Blitz Torte, and it was much easier! King Arthur Flour’s Bakealong Blog does a fantastic job of outlining their recipes step by step- it’s close to foolproof. I got a little ahead of myself & made the HUGE mistake of not reading the entire recipe before I went all in. I make the dough, it rises, I knead the dough, it rises. Unless it’s very cold. Then I move the dough, then I cover the dough some more. It’s not working, so I turn the oven on low and put the…

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    Butterflake Herb Loaf Bakealong with King Arthur Flour

    It is time for our monthly King Arthur Bake Along recipe!  Sarah is Really Into King Arthur Flour and their blog, and after showing it to me, I am too!  I am in desperate need of improving my baking skills, so I tried the Blog Bakealong.  I knew it would be hard to follow up Sarah’s gorgeous Dark Chocolate Eclairs, so I was glad that this recipe was different.   This month the recipe is for a Butterflake Herb Loaf.  One of the things that I liked about this recipe is they gave you several different ways to bake the bread.  I chose two: the Classic Loaf and the Monkey…

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