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Butterflake Herb Loaf Bakealong with King Arthur Flour

It is time for our monthly King Arthur Bake Along recipe!  Sarah is Really Into King Arthur Flour and their blog, and after showing it to me, I am too!  I am in desperate need of improving my baking skills, so I tried the Blog Bakealong.  I knew it would be hard to follow up Sarah’s gorgeous Dark Chocolate Eclairs, so I was glad that this recipe was different.   This month the recipe is for a Butterflake Herb Loaf.  One of the things that I liked about this recipe is they gave you several different ways to bake the bread.  I chose two: the Classic Loaf and the Monkey Bread.  I was Really Into both recipes and they both turned out so well!

The ingredient line up:

First you combine the milk, butter, sugar and salt until the butter melts, then add the other ingredients when the mixture has cooled down.  Because I am such a novice baker, I used a thermometer to measure the temperature of the milk mixture.  I have killed yeast before!  Talk about ruining the recipe!

When it is at the right temperature, add the eggs, yeast and flour.  I also opted to use the instant potato flakes to increase moisture (yuck!  I hate the word moist!).  The blog said to mix it until it formed a shaggy dough.  This looks pretty shaggy to me.

I am lucky enough to have a Kitchen Aid mixer, so I threw my shaggy dough in there with the dough hook and let the mixer do its magic, although I don’t think it’s supposed to bounce around that much….

The dough quickly formed a ball and I put it in a large, greased bowl that gave it plenty of room to rise.

After that I made the butter mixture.

I could not live without my garlic press.

Yum.  Then I hung out for an hour and a half while my dough was rising.

Much bigger.  I rolled it out and cut into circles.  I have an arsenal of Mason Jars (check out my salad recipes!), so I used the lid of one to do this step.

Then you fill these bread circles with your butter mix.  I kind of wish I had used more.

Fold them all in half and put them in your pan.  My were not all uniform, but it did not seem to matter one bit. In the oven it goes.

OMG.  This bread looks beautiful. Should we wait to eat it???

No! This bread was seriously so good.  I made it to take over to Mark’s sister’s house for Sunday dinner, but we ate half the loaf straight out of the oven.  It was warm and soft and delicious and I wanted to eat the entire thing.  It was a close call.  Because we needed to bring SOMETHING over to his sister’s, so we made the Monkey Bread next.  I greased a cake pan, rolled the rest of the dough into balls, melted the butter, and poured all but two tablespoons of it over the top.

I let it rise for a while – maybe too long.  I wanted to serve it hot out of the oven so others could experience the joy of the fresh, warm loaf!

Look how perfect these look!  And it was so easy!  Everyone was impressed that it was homemade.  It doesn’t hurt to pour that extra garlic butter on top when they are finished…

This recipe really helped improve my baking confidence.  King Arthur did a good job of explaining the recipe, with pictures, step by step.  I love to cook, but baking can be so precise it scares me.  Not anymore, at least when it comes to this delicious homemade garlic bread!  I am Really Into this recipe and I will be using it again and again!

I am a Texan living in California with my husband Mark, my best pup Ziggy, and our two cats Marilyn and Goldie. I love reading, cooking, binge-watching great tv shows and staying up too late talking to my friends.

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