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The Book Corner Beaverton

Beaverton Book Corner New Sign 2018 Really Into This Blog
Beaverton Book Corner

The Book Corner Beaverton

Located at 12470 SW 5th Street, Beaverton OR 97005

Open Tuesday – Saturday 11 to 5

Our mission
▪ Cooperate with the library in expanding services to the community
▪ Promote the development of library programs
▪ Create and foster an appreciation of library services
▪ Support and strengthen the library

My Favorite Bookstore

I sure do love a used book store & The Book Corner in Beaverton, Oregon is my favorite. It’s my go-to stop to stock up on books. It doesn’t hurt that that everyone who works there is super nice, the book prices are very affordable & the house is so stinking cute. I mean, how could you resist this place?

Beaverton Book Corner Really Into This Blog Used Book Store Beaverton Oregon
Beaverton Book Corner

The People Are Awesome

One of the main reasons I love The Book Corner in Beaverton is it is largely run by volunteers. This means the people you see sorting books want to be there. Everyone has a smile & I love talking books with them. My husband & I even started volunteering there. It’s really cool to see how they sort & organize the books. The Book Corner sells books in turn to make a profit, which benefits our library system. For me, it’s a great use of my time & energy. Also, being surrounded by books & fellow book lovers doesn’t hurt at all. Check out their spooky shelf!

Beaverton Book Corner Really Into This Blog Spooky Mantle Facebook
Beaverton Book Corner | Facebook

The Cutest Little House

The location is fantastic. The sweet little house is FULL of wonderful books. Most paperbacks are $2, hardcovers are usually $3 & children’s books are usually $1 or less. With prices like this you can see how I get carried away, right?

Check out this room filled with books! There’s romance, fiction, political, art & large print in this room. It’s a miracle I snapped this without another patron in the picture. Usually, there is someone restocking the shelves when I’m shopping & a few people on the hunt for a new book. You can ALWAYS find something to read on these shelves.

Beaverton Book Corner Really Into This Blog Fiction Room
Beaverton Book Corner | Fiction Room

Rare & Vintage Books

The Book Corner also carries a nice sized collection of rare & vintage books. The volunteers research the rare & more valuable books & attempt to post them online. This is a great way for The Book Corner to reach a broader customer base & in turn make more money for the library system. Here’s a sneak peek at the more valuable books.

Beaverton Book Corner Really Into This Blog Rare & Vintage Books
Beaverton Book Corner | Rare & Vintage Books

Children’s Reading Room

The Book Corner also boasts a healthy collection of children’s literature as well as YA. Many of the smaller books are 2 for $1 & how can you beat that? It’s great to turn my kids loose & they can stock up on several different books without breaking the bank. Check out this sweet little reading area!

Beaverton Book Corner Really Into This Blog Children's Reading Room
Beaverton Book Corner | Children’s Reading Room


I am Really Into This! The Book Corner in Beaverton, Oregon is a fantastic party of our community. Their efforts help our library system & I can get behind that ANY day of the week.

Mark your calendars for October 10 – 14th for the New Friends of the Library Sale of 2018. Even better, become a member of The Book Corner & you get early access to the HUGE book sale.

For more info on The Book Corner, check out their website & Facebook page.

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