Book Review The Light Over London by Julia Kelly
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The Light Over London by Julia Kelly

Book Review The Light Over London by Julia Kelly

The Light Over London

The Light Over London
Published: 1/8/2019
Reminiscent of Martha Hall Kelly's Lilac Girls and Kristin Hannah's The Nightingale, this sweeping, entrancing story is a must-read for fans of remarkable women rising to challenges they could never have predicted. It’s always been easier for Cara Hargraves to bury herself in the past than confront the present, which is why working with a gruff but brilliant antiques dealer is perfect. While clearing out an estate, she pries open an old tin that holds…

The Light Over London by Julia Kelly

Cara Hargraves works with an exacting antiques dealer. It’s a perfect job for someone like her who is more content discovering treasures of the past rather than socializing with the present. But, while on site evaluating an estate, she finds a the diary of a young woman chronicling her experiences in World War II. The more Cara reads, the more she wants to learn about the diary’s owner and the more she learns about herself.


It’s 1941 in Cornwall, England and Louise is the plain girl working the counter at Bakeford’s Grocery & Fine Foods. She is content to stay at home in her village, away from the dangers of war. Her cousin, Kate, however is the gorgeous charmer all the soldiers have their eye on.

But when Kate drags Louise out to a dance, she’s instantly struck by a handsome Flight Lieutenant, Paul Bolton. Falling for each other quickly is easy since he’s stationed at a local base with the RAF. If one thing is certain in war though, it is change.

Paul is deployed. Louise joins the anti-aircraft gun unit as a Gunner Girl, doing her part to protect London during air raids by enemy planes. All Louise can think about is when she and Paul can be together again. Risking both their lives on a daily basis, will their love survive?


What is it about this diary that captures Cara’s attention? More than anything it is the timeline – wanting to know what happens to Louise. Her affinity for history means willing to do some digging to find out just who the author is and what became of the wartime romance.

Maybe the love story on the pages of the diary is a substitute for Cara’s lack of romance. Divorced from a man who wasn’t who she thought she’d married – a quiet life of antiques and cooking for one is just what she wants. Or is it?

When her dashing single neighbor offers to help her track down the diary’s owner, Cara may just get more than she bargained for. Will they find the author? Or will they find the companionship they’ve been missing?


I am Really Into This book. The Light Over London by Julia Kelly deftly switches between war-torn London and today. Each woman discovering their own strength while also searching for that special someone. Julia Kelly wraps us up in both worlds – to the point of holding our breath – maybe Cara will actually find Louise! I’m already looking forward to the movie version of this book (hint, hint film studios). Be sure to check out my review for The Second Midnight by Andrew Taylor.

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About the Author: Julia Kelly

Julia Kelly is the international bestselling author of historical women’s fiction books about the extraordinary stories of the past. She has also written historical romance as well as fast-paced contemporary sports romance under the name Julia Blake. In addition to writing, she’s been an Emmy-nominated producer, journalist, marketing professional, and (for one summer) a tea waitress. Julia called Los Angeles, Iowa, and New York City home before settling in London.

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