Best British TV Shows
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Best British TV Shows to Binge

Rosemary and Thyme Best British TV Shows
Best British TV Shows to Binge Rosemary and Thyme | Amazon

Fresh off binge-watching Downton Abbey for the second time, I asked my cousins for all their British TV recs. I need a new show! Give me your best British TV shows to Binge-watch, please!

Start With The New Classics

They gave me a list. Of course, there are the classics: Downtown Abbey, Poldark, Call The Midwife & more. Start with those.

Well, as soon as Poldark ended I asked them for more recs. Probably getting tired of being my British TV guides, they created this badass list of the Best British TV Shows to Binge. My cousins watch a lot of their shows on Acorn & I watch a lot of Masterpiece. Hello, Victoria!

As we continue to find new shows, we will update this list & please feel free to comment with any of your personal favorites!

Best British TV Shows to Binge

Murdoch Mysteries Which British TV Show Should I watch
Murdoch Mysteries | CBC TV

British Mysteries, Part 1 – The Constabulary

  • Midsomer Murder
  • Death in Paradise
  • Brokenwood Mysteries
  • Murdoch Mysteries
Father Brown Which British TV Show Should I watch
Father Brown / BBC One

 British Mysteries, Part 2 – The Sleuths

  • Agatha Raisin
  • Shakespeare and Hathaway
  • Miss Fisher Murder Mysteries (1920s Setting, not the 1960s setting reboot)
  • Rosemary and Thyme
  • Father Brown
Derry Girls Which British TV Show Should I watch
Derry Girls | Channel 4

 British Comedies

  • Derry Girls
  • IT Crowd
  • Miranda
  • Black Books
Detectorists Best British TV Shows to Binge
Detectorists | BBC Four

British Feel Good Shows

  • 800 Woods
  • Detectorists
  • Moone Boy
Vintage Roads Acorn TV Which British TV Show Should I watch
Vintage Roads | Acorn TV

Brits Around the World – Travel Shows

  • Martin Clunes’ Islands of America
  • Coastal Railways w/ Julie Walters
  • Still Standing (w/ Jonny Harris)
  • Vintage Roads
  • Penelope Keith’s Coastal Villages

Best British TV Shows To Binge Watch

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