The Undertaker's Daughter by Sara Blaedel Book Review Goodreads
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The Undertaker’s Daughter by Sara Blaedel Book Review

The Undertaker's Daughter by Sara Blaedel Book Review Goodreads

The Undertaker’s Daughter by Sara Blaedel Book Review

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Publication Date February 6, 2018

Already widowed by the age of forty, Ilka Nichols Jensen, a school portrait photographer, leads a modest, regimented, and uneventful life in Copenhagen. Until unexpected news rocks her quiet existence: Her father–who walked out suddenly and inexplicably on the family more than three decades ago–has died. And he’s left her something in his will: his funeral home. In Racine, Wisconsin.

Clinging to this last shred of communication from the father she hasn’t heard from since childhood, Ilka makes an uncharacteristically rash decision and jumps on a plane to Wisconsin. Desperate for a connection to the parent she never really knew, she plans to visit the funeral home and go through her father’s things–hoping for some insight into his new life in America–before preparing the business for a quick sale.

But when she stumbles on an unsolved murder, and a killer who seems to still be very much alive, the undertaker’s daughter realizes she might be in over her head.

The Undertaker’s Daughter by Sara Blaedel Book Review

When Ilka was just a young child living in Denmark with her Undertaker father and devoted mother, life seemed safe and comfortable.  Unfortunately, Ilka’s father also has a gambling problem and cannot stay away from the racetrack where he bets on horses he feels are sure-winners.  Often, he takes Ilka along.  But something happens, and suddenly Ilka and her mother find themselves alone.  Ilka’s father abandons the family and the daughter he loved so much to begin a new life in the US. What would cause a devoted business and family man to abandon his responsibilities in Denmark, escaping to a place he has no friends or family? Why would he leave behind his Wife & Ilka?

Fast forward three decades.  Ilka receives word that her father has passed away and has left his funeral business solely to the daughter he hasn’t seen in 30 years.  Why? What will Ilka uncover about the father she barely remembers.  What drove him to leave and restart his life across the world?


This might be my first Blaedel novel, but certainly not my last. And great news for her fans; this is the first of a brand new series. One I cannot wait to dive back into. This is a great piece of Crime Fiction; one I definitely recommend.  It’s pretty much perfection!

Special thanks to Sara Blaedel & Grand Central Publishing for providing my copy in exchange for an honest & fair review.

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The Undertaker's Daughter by Sara Blaedel Book Review Sara Blaedel | Goodreads
Sara Blaedel | Goodreads

Sara Blaedel is the author of the #1 international bestselling series featuring Detective Louise Rick. Her books are published in thirty-seven countries. In 2014 Sara was voted Denmark’s most popular novelist for the fourth time. She is also a recipient of the Golden Laurel, Denmark’s most prestigious literary award. She lives in New York City.


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