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Whiskey Cranberry Mule

Whiskey Cranberry Mule

I am Really Into a well made craft cocktail, but that is not always feasible for me to get on a Friday night.  When I don’t have the energy to go out or make something complicated, I rely on a few recipes.  I am Really Into simple, tasty cocktails that can be made at home.  The Moscow Mule is one of those drinks, and there are a hundred variations.  As much as I love vodka drinks, when it starts getting chilly a good whiskey cocktail is what I crave, and with Thanksgiving around the corner, I always have cranberries to spare.  This Whiskey Cranberry Mule really hits the spot.

Ginger Beer

I love ginger beer, which is probably why I am such a fan of mule drinks.  I am a self proclaimed ginger beer aficionado (seriously, nobody else calls me that), and lately it seems like everybody is getting into the ginger beer game.  Fever Tree makes my absolute favorite, but it was sold out at the store!  For me, the right ginger beer is a little spicy, not too sweet, with good carbonation.  Bundaberg makes a fantastic ginger beer (along with some other delicious sodas – I’m looking at you Blood Orange), and it goes great with any cocktail.

The Rest of the Ingredients

The key to simple cocktails is buying nice ingredients – there is nowhere to hide.  The Irish whiskey I use the most is Jameson, like when I make Irish Coffee, but there are other brands I like as well.  Bushmills is a very decent whiskey, and it was on sale at Raley’s.  I picked up my whiskey, Bundaberg, and some cranberry cocktail.   A good mule always has citrus, so I grabbed some limes, and then I stole a couple of cranberries that I was saving to make my homemade cranberry sauce.

Whiskey Cranberry Mule Recipe

The recipe for a Whiskey Cranberry Mule is simple.  Fill a glass with ice – if you have a copper mule mug, great.  If not, your drink will be just as delicious in any old glass.  Definitely do not let it stop you from making this cocktail.  Pour in 1 to 2 ounces of whiskey, depending on how long your week has been.  Fill the glass almost to the top with ginger beer, and top with a splash of cranberry juice.  Add a squeeze of lime to brighten it up, and if you are feeling extra, add a spring of mint and some cranberries to dress up your cocktail.  Doesn’t this Irish Whiskey Mule look festive?!

The Verdict

I am Really Into the Whiskey Cranberry Mule.  It is simple to make, completely delicious and relaxing, and is awesomely festive for the holiday season.  It is also a really fun take on the Moscow Mule, and I can’t wait to make different versions!  Try this as soon as possible, and let me know your favorite mule recipes!


Whiskey Cranberry Mule

This holiday take on the classic Mule will be sure to keep you warm all winter long.

Course Drinks
Servings 1 Drink
Author Jessica Patch


  • 1.5 Oz Whiskey
  • 6 Oz Ginger Beer
  • 1 Splash Cranberry Juice or Cocktail
  • 1 Wedge Lime


  1. Fill a copper mug or rocks glass with ice.  Pour in whiskey, then your ginger beer.  Add a splash of cranberry and stir.  Squeeze in your lime.

  2. Optional: Add a mint sprig and fresh cranberry, for garnish.

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