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Super monsters, super nice car, super hot guys. That’s Supernatural (filmed in Vancouver) and what more could you ask for? The CW’s hit show about evil-hunting brothers has been hot and non-stop since 2005…12 years strong and I’m still loving it. I discovered Supernatural in 8th grade courtesy of my bestie, Meg, who had season 1 on DVD. I never got past the first episode so I always knew how the story began, and over the next several years I would watch random episodes as they came on TV. A year and a half ago I decided I wanted to watch EVERY SINGLE EPISODE, and I began my Netflix journey. I’ve finally made it to season eight, but I’ve got four more seasons to go AND season 13 premieres THIS Thursday at 7 PM CST on the CW network.

I’m a superfan and my tank top, my saved Entertainment Weekly cover, and my Trivial Pursuit-Supernatural edition prove so. To convince you why you should jump on the bandwagon, here’s three reasons why I’m obsessed with Supernatural.

Nothing’s better than hot, Texas boys.

Jared Padalecki (plays Sam Winchester) and Jensen Ackles (plays Dean Winchester) are certainly easy on the eyes AND they were born and bred in the Lone Star State, hallelujah! Jared was born in San Antonio and Jensen is from Dallas, and I pray that they are Cowboys fans, but if not, I still love them. It took one look for me to fall in love with them, not to mention their charismatic personalities on and off screen, but the fact that they’re from my home state absolutely weakened me at the knees. Everything’s bigger, better, and hotter in Texas and these boys are living proof.

Bromance and comedy.

The rollercoaster that is Sam and Dean’s relationship is a hell of a ride. There’s many instances where they argue, hide things from each other, go their separate ways, and even betray each other. However, when it comes down to it, they’re all each other has and they’ve got each other’s back. They would die for each other and are constantly making sacrifices to save each other’s lives. The brotherly bond is strong with these two. Aside from the drama and suspense, this show has a healthy does of comedy and most of it stems from Dean. He loves to crack a good joke and usually does so at the worst and most awkward times. The most memorable moment for me is during an episode where the brothers are investigating an insane asylum. Sam and Dean get caught sneaking around after hours by a nurse, and so as not to blow their cover, Dean pulls down his pants and exclaims, “pudding!” Classic Dean move.

Demons, leviathans, and a car named “Baby.”

If you thought the supernatural world was all ghosts, vampires and werewolves, you are seriously mistaken. The Winchester boys battle every monster in the book from a witty demon named Crowley (played by Mark Sheppard) to ghouls, gods, shape-shifters, witches, and black ooze-filled cannibals called leviathans. They even battle Lucifer himself and Heaven’s angels, but luckily they have Castiel (played by Misha Collins) on their side, an angel loyal to the Winchesters and their cause. All hunters and vigilantes need a faithful steed and the Winchesters’ comes in the form of a jet black 1967 Chevy Impala hardtop, which Dean dubbed “Baby.” Formerly owned by their dad, John Winchester (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), it was passed down to Dean and became his most prized possession. Don’t hurt her, don’t drive her, and don’t disrespect Baby. The car disappeared for a while because Dean and Sam were deep undercover to hide from the leviathans, but when she returned and her engine purred, well that’s a rush you’ve gotta experience yourself.

Still not convinced? Sorry not sorry! Supernatural fandom is not for the faint of heart. You gotta be bold to ride in this tribe!

Catch the season 13 premiere THIS Thursday at 7 PM CST on the CW.

Cheerio ole chaps! I'm a retired dancer & an aspiring broadcast journalist who would love to work for CNN London (I'm a Brit at heart). I love talking to anyone who listens & reliving my dance days in my kitchen. Chicken nuggets are a crucial part of my diet as well as Moscato. In my downtime, I enjoy napping with my rescue Pitbull, Cowboy & binge-watching CSI: Miami. Happy reading sexy beasts!

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